Makeup Jennifer Lopez

Makeup Jennifer Lopez
 Famous singer, actress, designer and just a smart woman. It's all about Jennifer Lopez, who for many years has been the subject of a role model for most girls. Her style of careful attention to detail, beautiful dresses, perfect makeup. She always looks great. Learn how to make a stunning make-up without leaving home.

First of all, make-up as the singer Jennifer Lopez will look best on brunettes with tanned or dark skin. Tanned blonde may also try to make a make-up. Make it look like you can successfully important to have a clean and smooth skin. Otherwise, such a bright and radiant makeup will only accentuate your flaws and problem areas on the skin.

To get started, moisten the skin and apply concealer under the eyes to get rid of dark circles. On the upper eyelids just apply a little corrector, then the shadow will be better to go to bed and do not crumble. Back of the nose weighty, forehead, ears and chin cover cream powder or corrector simulating tan color. Blend the tone with a wide brush.

Take blush peach or pink shade. Girls with elongated face Apply blush on the cheekbones, and chubby - the center of the cheeks. Blush with light reflecting particles should be applied thinly to make up looked radiant and more natural. Apply blush a pretty no-brainer. To face looked perfectly natural and should choose the right color blush. To do this, you need to clearly define all the advantages and disadvantages of the face.

From lash line to the crease on the eyelid, apply a brilliant shade of beige or golden peach color. At the crease on the eyelid, apply a darker shade of shiny colors. Apply an even layer of shade. You start with a lighter shade and a darker finish. If you find it difficult to choose a suitable color shades, then pick them under the color of your eyes. Apply the lightest shade under the brow, eyes all along.

Take the eyeliner black brown or dark chocolate color. Through the upper eyelashes spend a very thin line to makeup does not look heavy. Visually increase the eye, spending by mid-century to the outer corner, a little on the line thicker. Apply several layers of black lengthening eyelashes, mascara.

Apply a lip balm and let it soak. This will give the softness of your lips. Choose a lipstick peach or pink shade and apply it on the lips, blot cloth and re-apply another coat of lipstick.

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