Loud brands: Truths and Myths

Loud brands: Truths and Myths
 In his quest for beauty and a young woman trying to use all possible available and sometimes not very accessible means. Advertising persuades the lovely ladies that production companies with big names will make them eternally young and beautiful. Accordingly, the products of manufacturers with "star" names is not cheap.
 Every time appears on the screen advertising of cosmetic products known brand, you hear the word "revolutionary development", "90% better", "guaranteed results", "innovation in cosmetology", "ten years younger" and the hand itself stretches to the purse, and the legs are in the beauty shop to buy all this "beauty and youth."

Women impressionable nature, and always try to make a purchase that promises rejuvenation, weight loss, even though then have to tighten its belt and limit yourself to food and other necessary things, while forgetting about the three obvious facts.

1. Elixir of youth has not yet been invented, and only plastic surgery would "erase" those same 10-15 years, rather than a treasured jar of cream.

2. Actresses promoting these products, or are young and just have to look good, or shamefully silent about the fact that they also resort to plastic surgeons, and participation in commercials allows them to pay for the surgery.

3. Stress, chronic fatigue, lack of sleep, disorderly living, low salaries and permanent restrictions, bad ecology zamazhesh not no cream - this whole life as premature wrinkles, dull skin, cellulite will be early on the face and body.

So whether you want to "lead" the beautiful tale of high-profile brands and overpay for the brand, the more often that statement is not true. Here are a few popular myths about cosmetics manufactured by reputable companies.

World-class brand always produce only high quality products.

But it just seems that the company has huge funds can invest more money into the development of cosmetic products, that, accordingly, improve the overall quality of the product. In fact, to a greater extent on the value of the product does not affect investments in its development, and the costs of advertising, PR, fees patterns, payment of special promotions and so on. In short, the price of cream jars invested everything that helps to sell it rather than develop.

Brands of world-class produce cosmetics that are not harmful to the body and has no side effects.

Take a jar of cream from his well-known company and read its composition. For sure you will find it Mineral Oil (technical oil) or Petrolatum (as industrial oil). Technical oil derived from petroleum, for example, for use in industry as a solvent and lubricant liquid. In cosmetics, industrial oil is used as a moisturizer, and it is believed that it allows the skin to look younger and fresher, since moisture is retained in it for a longer time.

All is good, if not a "but." Technical forms oil film on the skin, and it thus keeps moisture in the skin. Furthermore, this film does not give the skin to breathe, delays toxins, carbon dioxide, waste and waste products to be output through the skin, but not displayed.

In addition, clogging of the skin film on technical oil prevents the normal growth and regeneration of cells, making the skin dry, thin and prone to all kinds of inflammatory processes.

As a result, the skin becomes unhealthy, which directly affects the appearance and the appearance of wrinkles, swelling, rashes, and other unpleasant symptoms.

Briefly about the common "natural" ingredients

Propylene glycol - is one derived from petroleum, sodium, most commonly used as a moisturizer, causes allergic reactions and irritation, promotes the formation of acne. In the industry, and is used as a brake fluid and coolant.

Laurel sodium sulfate - cheap cleanser from coconut oil, often used in the manufacture of cosmetic cleaners, shampoos, shower gels, foam and so on. The most dangerous ingredient for hair and skin, promotes hair loss, dandruff, makes the strands dry and thin. Is able to penetrate into the eyes, heart, liver, brain, and dwell in them accumulate, especially harmful to children. In the "life" that means wash the floors in garages, it is used for degreasing engines, tools for washing machines, as indeed is very caustic.

If you want to look good, young, fresh, first of all pay attention to your daily routine, how much you sleep, what you eat, as often happens in the open air, how many are nervous - and correct any deficiencies. Only then seek help from cosmetic products, and pay attention to the domestic producers and their products - they do not beckon pipe dream, but simply to help in the daily struggle for beauty.

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