JK Rowling: The Psychology of Color writer

JK Rowling: The Psychology of Color writer
 JK Rowling - writer, who became popular for his series of books about a young wizard Harry Potter. Now this is an attractive and successful woman, but judging by her outfit, we can assume that her life is not as rosy as it might seem at first glance.  
 Parents were poor writer, and the family moved frequently. Nevertheless, the mother tried to give their children everything she spent much time with them and read books daughters. It was then that the young Joanna came a love for literature. And his first story about a rabbit called Rabbit mother she read in five years. When Rowling was fifteen, her mother became ill with multiple sclerosis, and soon after died Joanna University, before being completely paralyzed for several years.

Mother's death was a big blow for the young woman. Joanna decides to move to Portugal to teach English there. She gave lessons in the afternoon, and in the morning composing his book about a young wizard with green eyes and a scar on his forehead. Her first two books were abandoned as "very bad".

At the same time she meets a young man, whom subsequently marry and have a daughter. Immediately after birth the husband filed for divorce. Joanna left without money and with a baby in her arms, and in search of a better, she decides to move to Edinburgh, close to her younger sister. Her husband's sister was the owner of a cafe in which writer and has completed work on the Harry Potter books, parallel engaged in teaching the French language.

Years of poverty and uncertainty about the future left a mark on JK Rowling. In her interview, she admits that sometimes still feels that young woman who has nothing to feed the baby, worked on the novel in cafes and do not believe in success. Now, when Rowling - one of the richest and most successful woman in the world, it is constantly seen on numerous presentations in dresses and suits in black. As a result, journalists were interested in such a constancy in the selection of dresses, as black in color psychology prefer insecure people who are prone to depression. Guess confirmed. The writer admits that the memory of past days does not give her happily live in the present. The husband of the writer says that it tends to lock and keep emotions in themselves. Joanna took a course of psychotherapy in the clinic, but treatment gave only temporary results. Rowling now intends to repeat the course to part forever with depressive feelings. 

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