Stress interview: how to pass a test with dignity

Stress interview: how to pass a test with dignity
 One of the methods of interviewing candidates for the vacant position - the creation of a stressful situation to determine the reaction of the candidate to changing external conditions. It is believed that this most reliably reflects human ability to think clearly, to control his emotions.
 If you are invited for an interview, you immediately notice the first warning sign - you have to wait a long time, even though you have come to exactly the specified time. As a rule, the invitation to interview certain hours involves precise allocation of time and situation, when a separate interview spent much more time, are very rare. Even if this happens, you will always be notified about it with an apology and a request to wait. If you expect the receptionist for a long time, but nobody is willing to explain to you what is happening, it should be alerted.

Stress interview may take place in hard mode - tactless and provocative questions, "nit-picking" the words, explicit and ill-concealed contempt for your merits, personal and professional characteristics. The main objective of the recruiter - to bring you out of yourself, to provoke the manifestation of negative emotions. But also to adjust itself in advance is not necessary, or immediately get rid of the defensive position, you will not succeed. There are a few universal rules of behavior that will help you with honor out of his predicament and, more importantly, have been successfully tested.

Always try to stay calm. If you have an explosive character, then pre-configure themselves or take light sedation, so as not to enable you to master the nervous tension. Just be confident in yourself and helpful in every situation.

Your answers should be brief and to the point - do not indulge in lengthy explanations and cause unnecessary details. Departing from the subject matter, you give recruiters a chance to develop the theme and the "fault" in your own words.

Even if questions or arguments lead you into confusion, try not to blush and do not be embarrassed - breathe evenly and deeply, and in particularly difficult moments interlocutor imagine sitting in a transparent bowl, or in the form of a cute cat.

The most important candidate makes a mistake when he begins to resent and talk with a recruiter in the same tone - try to behave in a neutral and somewhat aloof.

If after the interview followed by an invitation to work, gather information about the company and try not to make hasty decisions.

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