How to find a job like?

How to find a job like?
 In the world are not so many people who are completely up to the last detail satisfied with the work. That it can provide a decent standard of living, genuinely pleased, enjoyable, not too tired, while located close to home, and besides, there would have been an excellent team work, etc. Usually something has to accept. But sometimes a man preoccupied with the idea that this activity - not his, and it is necessary to look for a job for everyone.
 Clearly answer the question: what do you actually want? What is your new job should be a top, and that - minor? For example, you are a good, qualified person who loves his profession. But you pay a very small salary, because you are working on a small municipal enterprise, somewhere in the outback. Of course, such gains can not hold you forever, especially if you're a family man. You hardly want to change professions, but look for a job in his specialty in a private company or a larger municipal enterprise, where higher wages, it is possible.

Make inquiries, gather information about the vacancies in such institutions - in the local administration, by word of mouth, the Internet. If your city is no such job, think about working in a big city - the regional center, the regional center. Then you have to deal with several issues: how to get there, where to live. Do not forget about pretty stiff competition, because in every place there are certainly good applicants.

In the end, if you are not afraid of the inevitable bureaucratic red tape associated with the registration of all permits and financial statements, can be enjoyed in private business (open his studio, for example).

Well, what to do in the event that the work does not make a person any pleasure, and he literally forces himself to deal with it? Here it is better to change profession. It is not necessary, of course, immediately write a letter of resignation. First, at least find yourself another job, or at least identify: what exactly you want to do. Think about your children, youth hobbies, interests. Never too late to start over. Listen also to your inner voice: he advise? It is possible to try yourself in some completely new, unknown before the fact.

Of course, do not forget about prudence, especially if you have an obligation to support the family. Not enough just to want to, we must also soberly aware of their capabilities and abilities. First, think carefully about all, but if it is firmly decided - act without hesitation. After all, to find a job for the soul, man must believe in himself.

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