How to create a resume

How to create a resume
 Resume allows the prospective employer to assess the applicant's candidacy, so it should fully reflect all competitive employee benefits, but be brief, concise and informative. Clear structuring and compliance with generally accepted standards will help you create the right resume.
 The first item should be the provision of personal information - your name and surname. Also, you must specify the date of birth, marital status and contacts. E-mail, mobile and home phone number must be specified necessarily. It is also advisable to note the preferred method of communication and time convenient for you to receive calls.

Always specify the purpose of resume - a specific position. If you fancy her career very blurry and specify only the general direction, without specialization, your chances of falling.

Education must be specified completely. First comes the enumeration of institutions of higher education, with mandatory dates of admission and graduation, the designation of specialization. Various professional courses, seminars and other forms of learning that are irrelevant to the desired position, you must also specify. If the results of training you have received the diploma and other insignia, mark it in this paragraph.

Experience should take most of your resume. Start your own review on your last job. Specify the date, company name, position, listing the main duties. Without going into details, write concisely and clearly. If you managed to make significant progress and this has resulted in concrete results, it is desirable to indicate this may be using a quantitative assessment (increase the volume of sales by a few percent, attracting a certain number of new clients, etc.).

In the "General Information" enter the professional skills: proficiency in a foreign language, the list of computer programs in which you can work (with an indication of the degree of ownership), the presence of a driver's license and driving experience, health record book (if the application is a job requirement specified ), etc. In one sentence shall describe their personal qualities that you think will help you describe the positive (responsibility, initiative, etc.).

Attach to the summary recommendations from past jobs and check the text for the lack of grammatical errors. Try to get all information on one sheet.

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