5 strategies for job search

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 Reasons for job search each person has his: someone looking for a job after graduation, someone committed to professional development, someone did not accept the level of wages. Job search - is hard work that requires perseverance, patience and time.

1. Personal relations and contacts
Ring up all the friends and acquaintances and let them know that looking for a job. Ask them to send your resume to the HR department and tell us about your professional qualities. It is possible that in companies where your friends work requires specialists of your profile, and its recommendations will help to make a choice in your favor.

2. Active Search

Do not expect that sending a 2-3 job, employers lined up to you in the queue. Be the activity and do not restrict one way to find work. The more active you are looking for a job, the more ways you'll use for this, so will find a suitable place.

3. Internet portals for job search and recruitment agencies

Post your resume on websites devoted to job search. Daily update your resume so employers will be able to see. Browse new jobs that match those that you feel are appropriate.

Some employers are looking for employees through employment agencies. Sending out your resume to all major recruitment companies, you can increase your chances of success. True this variant has one drawback - recruitment agencies are entered all candidates in its database, which means that you may have to call several times after you find a job.

4. Search Jobs Online employer

Corporate websites of large employers are a good tool for job search, because they contain the latest information on vacancies and internships. Choose a company that would like to work, go to the website and send your CV through a special form. After a while, call a specialist personnel and verify whether received your resume and when you can expect a response.

5. Professional forums

Sometimes recruiters advertise positions on special forums dedicated to a particular profession. Monitoring of these forums can not only help to find a job, but also to communicate with fellow professionals.

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