5 common mistakes for an interview

 At the interview, as well as on the first date, you need to be able to please. Even highly qualified can not save a man, if he is used to being late and rude. Of course, the missteps, which sometimes allow applicants, very much, but there are also the most common mistakes that should be avoided.
 I come when I want

Delay - the very first and possibly the last mistake that may allow the applicant during the interview. Potential employer will not listen excuses and stories about the terrible traffic jams, but always remember that the applicant nepunktualen, and therefore work is unlikely to be on time. Even worse, when people do not come on the appointed day in the hope that it will be yet. Chances of employment under these conditions tend to zero.

Antidress code

Bright makeup, messy hair and did not wear office - a bad choice for a hike to the interview. Even if the company where you want to get, there is no specific dress code, you must be dressed in business style. Hair is recommended to lay a smooth hair and face apply a little makeup to make up did not seem challenging.

About hatred of past work

Some ladies, and gentlemen too, unfortunately, the interview can afford very uncomplimentary remarks about her previous work, colleagues and superiors. Do not hesitate to make a potential employer of such stories is not the best output. Leave them for a friendly get-togethers, and the interview on the question of a former place of work and relationships with colleagues and supervisors respond with restraint, keep the story in a positive way.

Playing in the silences against chatter

No need to say too much, especially not in the case. Potential employer can hardly interested in the details of your biography, is thus limited to the necessary information. On the other hand, do not remain silent, especially if you are asked questions. Talk about what you are interested in: the graphics and features of work, responsibilities and so on. But the question of salary is not always appropriate, in any case, is manifested in this topic delicacy and restraint.

I want to work somewhere someone somehow

Show your interest in the vacancy and the company as a whole. If the question of what attracted particular post, the applicant hesitates and says that he just needed a job, it is clear that the motivation level is too low. Before the interview to find out a little about the history and characteristics of the company, highlight the advantages for yourself job to determine the answer to such a sensitive issue.

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