Summer 2007 Fashion makeup

 Fashionable effect clean face created with makeup base and foundation Summer makeup should be very easy and transparent. On the evening you can choose gold or bronze eyeliner it will give luster eyes.

Focus on eyes

 Emphasis is placed on the eye, fashionable this season, cat's eye, stress black eyeliner. Just in fashion turquoise, plum, purple, gold and green eyeliner and eye shadow.

In the same fashion red, coffee and shades of burnt savannah. Natural eyebrows, no eyebrows thin "thread." Not painted, but podvitye eyelashes - dayversion of the make-up and well eyelashes dyed at night. If you brought your eyes, lips leave intact, or apply a little clear gloss.

Emphasis on the lips

Focuses on the lips with the help of pink, purple, juicy berry, coral lipstick. Also in vogue beige and brown lipstick that looks great on tanned skin. During the summer, in most case it is necessary to focus on the eyes, as if resistance was not lipstick during the day it is erased and the face is washed out.

Emphasis on the cheekbones

Healthy glow or shine wet cheeks, you can choose either option. This season is fashionable to emphasize the cheekbones. High cheekbones and brilliant - it's sexy.


 In fashion silver, black, beige, coral nail polish, as well as the color of coffee with milk, berry shades. Classic as in fashion. Good old French manicure is appropriate in any situation. Long nails - short and the brighter polish, the shorter nails, nails rounded shape.

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