Podium: actual colors of the season in makeup

 Fashion shows seem to be something so distant, but the podium trends have an impact on us: sets the tone for the podium. What colors will be relevant in the new season, what hairstyle which make up and so on - all this today in the pages of women's magazine JustLady!

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This season, relevant reds: coral, brick, dark cherry, raspberry, burgundy. We will carry a variety of textures: gloss, satin lipstick matte lipstick, lipstick with gold shimmer. Deserves a separate topic and application technique - and we'll look at it later.


In addition to the eye, black this season turned out to be ... on the lips! Matte and glossy black lipstick here and there appeared on the podium. This makeup requires the perfect lip contour and precise application - all defects will be immediately noticeable.

Light pink

And shimmering pastel shades of pink on the lips and eyes stress tenderness complexion and looks natural. A combination of warm and cool tones of pink make-up in one.


Electricians, indigo, silver blue - all this is true this season. Eye makeup in shades of these should be slightly excessive, exaggerated.


Of course, without gold autumn can not do! Golden shadow, lipstick with golden shimmer, gold highlighter and gold nail polish will certainly appear in the beautician every follower of trends girls.


Grey - the best color for the popular makeup smoky eyes. This season is particularly relevant metallic and iridescent shades of gray from silver to almost black.


Sunny yellow migrated here from the summer: it can be bright, may be subdued or green cast. The main thing - that the colors were more!

What color this autumn is your favorite one?

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