The female half of humanity divided into two camps: one of them is "for" the use of plastic surgery and the other categorically - "against". One can argue about this, but the fact remains - the plastic is popular and helps women look great. With the help of plastic surgery can correct the existing defects of the skin or face, and inject some features of expressiveness.

Diseases of the nails

Lips, perhaps the most popular part of the face that in a hurry to change the fair sex. Moreover, female patients are not only the ladies, on the lips which felt the touch of time in the form of fine wrinkles framing, but also very young girls who want to give lips more sensual, sexy and attractive.

There are several varieties of plastic lips.

For Example,contour correction - A method of changing the contour of the lips by injection. Contour plastic lip allows the patient to adjust the volume of the lips unsatisfying. And also to smooth fine wrinkles around them. In the skin of the lips is introduced Biogel or own fat. Then entered manually substance is uniformly distributed on the lips.

After the procedure there is swelling of the lips, which disappears in the next two weeks. This result holds for several months, depending on the characteristics of the patient and the chosen gel.

The procedure for lip augmentation with your own fat tissue is calledLipofilling. Fat is taken from the thighs or abdomen of the patient is treated and then injected into the lips. Technique that uses your own fat tissue, provides the effect of longer than lip correction Biogel.

Another way to change the shape of the lips isplastic surgery. This radical method, however, is no less popular. Surgical repair of the lips implies the operation, during which the main tool is the work of the expert's scalpel. Like any other surgery, plastic lip goes under general anesthesia.

To increase the upper or lower lip, the surgeon removes a narrow strip of skin from the top or bottom edge of the lips respectively, and the edges of the skin staples. This method is often used to add bulk to the lower lip, as the scar on his upper lip is slightly noticeable.

Surgical repair widely used to lift descended corners of the mouth and other age-related changes. Lips become resilient and youthful appearance.

Another one of the commonly used methods of plastics is lifting the upper lip by incision on the inner part of it. It is carried out by manipulations performed on the mucosa: incision edges are joined so that the visible part of the lips was visually more.

After any surgery there is a rehabilitation period, and the plastic lip is no exception. Operated on the lips look swollen for a while, there is pain, loss of sensation occurs.

All these uncomfortable feelings gradually disappear and are a natural reaction. But the appearance of asymmetry of the lips or other visible defects belongs to the post-operative complications, which are usually corrected by reoperation.

Whichever method Lip did not choose a woman, it should be clearly understood what changes it expects what could be the consequences of these changes and, finally, should ask themselves the main question, and whether it needs these changes.

Do not run to the surgeon, once admiring lovely girls lips with glossy magazines. It is better to wait for some time, and only confirmed in his desire to start looking for a proper clinic.

It is not necessary, perhaps, to remind you that professionals need to be high-end, and a specialized clinic. Only then any changes in appearance promise change for the better.

Ian Keith

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