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 Each woman will always find some flaw in their appearance. Well, always. In another way, can not be. Eyebrows or the wrong shape, or ankle is not the most elegant or waist is not particularly subtle or small breasts, nails or the wrong shape, or ... the list can go on indefinitely. Even the most confident in its irresistible lady will always find what to grieve. That is the law. Women differently can not - the pursuit of perfection unattainable heights provides the meaning of life, and correcting deficiencies soothes even the most demanding Women's conscience ...

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However, it happens that the lack of appearance is not so far-fetched. Here take the lips - a very important part of a person, not argue with that. And when you consider that the fashion for sensual, full lips are not held for more than one year, many holders of the lips, not appropriate fashion, feel left out. Well, the feeling is harmful to any woman, no matter what part of the body it feels "disorder." Learn more about the tattooing of lips, along with the women's magazine JustLady!

Tattoo - many problems?

If before this problem was solved only with the help of contour pencil and lipstick (which, by the way, nice sum in the most critical situations), but now, in the third millennium, the question of how to give lips a desired shape (so much so that not 2 hours!) , it may not be for at least a couple of years, and with good situation, and for a longer period.

By the way, permanent makeup lips - is a great way to solve the problem for owners of fuzzy outline. Instead, late for work, stuck in front of a mirror and "draw lips," nervously twitching with anticipation of the coming reprimand, you can just once or twice to hold lipstick on her lips - and you are perfect, with just a couple of seconds!

If you want to adjust the shape of the lips - for example, if the upper lip is thin, it can be "corrected" - is also possible. Then the contour is drawn just above the natural, and the gap between "native" and "non-native" loop like zatushovyvayut paint.

What is a "tattoo"?

Many people think that tattoo - it's the same tattoo. This is not quite true: the basis tattoo, of course, the same principle - under the skin pigments are added. However, the penetration depth at tattooing significantly less than conventional tattoo - only 0, 5-0, 8 mm.

For tattoo there is a whole series of colors, non-allergenic. Shades very much, so the master can pick the one that will be like the most natural lip color.

What is important to know

Before you begin any tattoo, it is important to know that, firstly, it hurts. But do not worry, in this regard, you will make a local anesthetic. By the way, for this you have to ask whether you have allergies to medicines, as well as to make the test for intolerance to any component of the pigment. If there is intolerance, the product will be replaced by another.

Duration of treatment is on average two hours. Depending on the complexity of the work, this time can be increased or decreased. By the way, you also need to know that if you have blood disorders, acne or some skin diseases (not to mention diseases such as AIDS, diabetes or hepatitis), the procedure tattoo you will not be - none Salon nor one master for it does not take.

Also before the procedure tattoo you have to offer to sign the contract, which, by the way, you have no right to sign if you are under 18 years of age. Up to 18 will have to wait to tatuzhem and he borrowed the usual decorative cosmetics.

Complication possible after tattoo - it's herpes. But if the day before the procedure, you will start taking the drug against herpes virus, and it will have a drink for a week, then this problem does not threaten you.

How to save tattoo

In order to preserve the tattoo, it is desirable to protect from direct sunlight and severe frosts, otherwise the skin will begin to flake, and with it, and paint. Also, do not do peeling lips - peeled paint along with dead cells. But it is very beneficial to your lips will act nourishing cream with UV protection.

Author: Julia Boltneva
Women's magazine JustLady

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