How to apply red lipstick

 Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Heppbern, Gwen Stefani and Liv Tyler, Dita Von Teese and Monica Bellucci - these women can not be imagined without the brightly made up lips. If you want to become queen of the party and steal the beauty - buy red lipstick! In the cold season, this color, as ever, is popular: it symbolizes love and passion.


The most popular is still considered a classic lipstick red color842 fromChristian Dior from collectionRouge Dior Collection Satin.

The merits of this lipstick a few: it lies comfortably, lasts a long time and provides care and lips extra volume. The effect is achieved through a part of the formula of ceramide, which fill wrinkles and folds and oligopeptide - collagen stimulator.

Council №1: how to determine the shade

The main principle in choosing a bright lipstick - take into account the tone of the face. Girl with a pink complexion fit scarlet. If the shade is close to yellowish, better to stay on the carrot-red or red-brown. But the owner of porcelain skin, as, for example, Dita Von Teese, can safely buy their classic red lipstick.

The store red lipstick should be tested on a fingertip. Apply a finger to his lips to see the color you are or not.

Council №2: learn lipstick

You will need: a pencil to outline the red tint, lip brush, compact or loose powder, transparent red or gloss.

Pomade - The final chord of makeup. First lips should be lightly powdered. After this pencil to give them the desired contour. Apply lipstick with a brush better, so you will better control the borders and the intensity of the hue.

To lipstick on her lips kept longer imposes its 2-3 layers. Before you put another batch of color, dab the sponge again with a paper towel and lightly powder the.

Complete the process of lip gloss. It is better to take quite a droplet, and make up only the center of the lower lip.

Little nuance

Red is a very insidious. Ideally it will look only if you have smooth skin with no visible flaws.

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