Christmas 2010 Makeup: from snow fairies to the disco girl

 The main holiday of the year is around the corner, and each of us is committed fully prepared to take part in the New Year fun: advance determined style of dress, try on shoes, accessories selected. Cooking crowned makeup - it was your face will be glued all eyes! The Shining eyes and seductive smile must be emphasized fashionable make-apom. Women's magazine JustLady talks about classical variations and the latest trends New Year's make-up.

Under the heading Trends: Dress for New Year 2010 (photos)

Basic requirementsNew Year Makeup a little, but for the success of the enterprise it is better to observe. Makeup should be:

- Persistent - to survive, if not overnight, but at least most of it;

- Amenable to restoration - so you can quickly remedy the situation, if the shadow of "float" due to inadvertent tears of joy or lipstick will stay on the fork and glass;

- Catchy - that you have attracted the attention and well-received in the photo;

- In harmony with the style of the evening and your outfit;

In this unforgettable night ever be appropriate all the "stuff" that you so wanted to try it, but it was not the case: false eyelashes will look even deeper and more wide open at the same time, crystals will add a festive look of grandeur, the luminous powder will transform the body into a jewel.

General guidelines for choosing theMakeup for the New Year's Eve can be reduced to just a pair of postulates. New Year - the wrong time to demonstrate the fatal dramatic beauty with its gothic-heavy eyes and mouth impregnable. Makeup should be noticeable, but festive, glowing, emphasizes the natural charm. Therefore, light lip gloss shade Nude better maroon lipstick and golden beige or peach blush - better shades of fuchsia on the cheeks, which, when electric lighting will look unnatural.

Pay particular attention to the foundation makeup - base, concealer, tinted means. 80% of the success of your appearance depend on the beauty of the skin. In addition, it makes sense to invest in a good brush for makeup - with their help you "draw" on the face of it what you want, and will be satisfied with both the process and the result.

And now - a few basic optionsNew Year Makeup from the women's magazine «JustLady».

The Diamond Queen

This style rhymes with winter. Pobleskivanie crust, shining icicles, breathtaking white snow ... To create this look, use a silver-metallic light gray shade, dark gray eyeliner and mascara. Emphasize cheekbones easy "primorozhennym" peach, and apply lip gloss with reflective particles. The final touch - using fingertips gently apply a silvery sheen on the very tips of the lashes.

Christmas 2010 Makeup: from snow fairies to the disco girl

Golden Goddess

Kind of the opposite of the Diamond Queen - in this make-up emphasis on attractive, luxurious, golden tones. In the light of Christmas lights you will be irresistible! Use eyeliner bronze and gold eye shadow and lip - sparkling copper lipstick shade. On top of the cheekbones emphasize bronzer powder, and on the neck, shoulders, chest, apply powder with gold glitter.

Christmas 2010 Makeup: from snow fairies to the disco girl

Disco girl

For those who are going to celebrate the New Year, coming off the dance floor! Saturated, "flomasternye" colors of this bold makeup will make you a star and parties, and gossip! Apply to eyelids turquoise shade, and on the lips - lipstick or gloss candy pink color. Golden bronzer powder will help to achieve a glamorous and at the same time "holiday" effect on the skin. Blush, do not use - in combination with an extravagant eye make-up they will look rough.

Christmas 2010 Makeup: from snow fairies to the disco girl

Beautiful Lady Baroque

For those who prefer the classic femininity and plans New Year's romantic date. Light matte flawless skin in combination with a brick shades of lipstick and sparkling eyes conquer your favorite, and the New Year's holiday you will never forget! Emphasize the line of the eyebrows dark brown pencil, and a wave of light to highlight the cheekbones with blush brush. Warm, inviting, and at the same time very festive look.

Christmas 2010 Makeup: from snow fairies to the disco girl

New Year's Eve makeup from leading cosmetic companies

Major manufacturers of cosmetics offer us their views onNew fashion makeup this season and new products. Enjoy, choose, discuss!

Dior chooses softly glowing purple-pink tone: make a new collection New Look Noёl includes the means by which you will look attractive and mysterious in the candle light. Mastermind of the New Year's image became crystal Aurore Boreale, Swarowski created specifically for Dior in 1952. Therefore, an exclusive accessory collection - this crystal pendant. Make-up is proposed to add more and new nail lacquers two shades - Rose Boreal (pale pink with sparkles) and Silver Purple (Purple metallic).

Christmas 2010 Makeup: from snow fairies to the disco girl

Makeup artists and designers present their New Year IsaDora heroine snow fairy (Snow Fairy) - is the name given to their new collection. It is full of nacre and muted, but expressive colors. Emphasis is placed on the eyes and the lips are covered with natural pink gleaming lipstick that gives a very elegant and at the same time festive result.

Christmas 2010 Makeup: from snow fairies to the disco girl

Yves Rocher relies on good old Smokey Aes, giving them a retro-glam mood in the collection Luminelle Tendance. Sparkling cat eyes, which is used to create a comfortable thick soft pencil and eye shadow palette, beautifully combined with lip gloss color raspberry vinyl effect. Face and body are encouraged to use a special fluid that gives the skin a luxurious shine.

Christmas 2010 Makeup: from snow fairies to the disco girl

Holiday Collection makeup by Chanel Holiday 2009 devoted passion brilliant Coco Chanel exotic birds.

Christmas 2010 Makeup: from snow fairies to the disco girl

The colors of peacock feathers, flamingos, tropical parrots - what could be more colorful and cheerful? New Year's Eve makeup from Chanel - is azure sun shade and coral lipstick.

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Women's magazine JustLady

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