10 Commandments makeup

 In life we ​​all have to follow certain rules. In the make-up also has its commandments concerning separation and care

1. Do not use mascara and eyeliner neighbor. The eyes are very sensitive to microbes. Using makeup girlfriend, you can bring in the eye infection. In this case, a friend shared with you not only ink, but also microbes.

2. Tone correcting fluid and powder shall conform to the natural skin tone. Disgusting spectacle - orange / brown cheeks and white neck. Carefully Shade tonal foundation to transition "chin-neck" was invisible.

3. Moisturize your skin before going to bed and before applying makeup. Humidification - a pledge of beauty skin. Cosmetics better falls on wet skin, and moisturizing at bedtime helps to smooth the skin, keeps its elasticity and health.

4. Do not use mascara longer than three months. Again germs! For the three months use mascara accumulates huge quantity of microbes. Even if it is not in microbes, in this time surely mascara dry. To prevent germs in ink, no need to drive the brush up and down in a tube - though so you "refreshing" mascara, you also push microbes inside. Instead, turn the brush several times in a tube to scoop more mascara, then pulls a brush.

5. Rational Use your eyeliner or eyeliner. Too-up eyes look unnatural. If you can not carry out even the contour with a firm hand, maybe you should make use of eyeliner to a minimum and only use eyeliner.

6. Do not forget to constantly moisturize lips. There is nothing better than a tasty seductive kiss soft lips. In cold weather, be sure to use lip balm to prevent peeling and dryness. Humidification is also useful when using lipstick and lip liner.

7. Do not forget to remove makeup before going to bed. We all know that makeup before going to bed should be removed. If you do not, accelerates the aging process. Cosmetics only dries the skin. Cosmetics for Eyes pulls the eyelids, which leads to premature wrinkling.

8. Do not pick up the shade to match the clothes, if it is not white, black, brown or gray. If the clothes are pink, green, red, blue, and orange, do not choose the shade to match. It looks vulgar and unnatural. This combination works only for neutral colors.

9. Do not use blush more than two shades darker than your natural blush. Going to join the circus? Do not get carried away too bright blush and do not cause them to form a circle. The main rule - blush should be applied at a distance of two fingers on the wings of the nose towards the cheekbones.

10. Shade, shade and shade again. You should look natural. Nothing should be sharp or well defined. To shade shadow or blush, please use brushes and brushes.

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