What makeup brushes are needed

What makeup brushes are needed
 Neither professional looking makeup is complete without a special brushes. Brushes are so different: round and flat, tightly compressed and feathered and each has its purpose. In addition to the brush shape and still differ in composition: natural and synthetic. And sometimes by brush depends not only on the quality of make-up, but also the condition of the skin after application of make-up tools.
 For everyday makeup need a small standard set of brushes: Brush for lips, eyebrows to adjust for applying shadow brush for powder and blush.
Lip Brush - small and dense brush, pointed and smooth at the end. It is intended to apply lipstick or gloss, can also be used for application or feathering circuit. The color was flat, at the tip of the brush to apply a small amount of lipstick or gloss on the lips and shaded short strokes. In this lipstick is spent more efficiently.

Eyebrow Brush - thin, thick, beveled brush is needed to correct the shape and color of the eyebrows. It can be used also for the eye rims.

Brush Shadows - brush of medium length, flat at the bottom, slightly expanded and rounded at the tip. The entire surface of the brush applied shadows and distributed by age smearing motion from the inner corner of the eye to the outside. Professionals believe that such a brush to shade shade better than the applicator: more evenly and without excess.

Powder Brush - a large round brush, thick at the base and at the end of fluff, with even "cut" corner. It is necessary when using loose powder. Brush lightly dipped into powder, the excess shaken lightly tapping the side or edge of the palm of her compact, and then as it is driven into the skin. This provides the most uniform distribution of the powder is achieved and smooth complexion.

Brush for blush - a large round brush with a dome shape at the end. A small amount of blush is applied to the tip of the brush, in the place to put a large application "point" and then this point is shaded.

For some types of make-up you may need a brush for applying mascara (it looks like an ordinary spiral brush), fan-shaped flat brush for smoothing makeup and brush for foundation.

When buying makeup brushes, first of all, you need to look at the material of which it is composed. More often than natural hair brushes are made of sable, pony, squirrel or cat, they are soft and pleasant to the touch. Distinguish natural from artificial material can be in the home. To do this, pull a hair and burn it. If you smell "of burning horn" means a natural bristle. Of course, the store so check the goods no one will. Instead, you can ask for a certificate of compliance which must provide upon request. Just pay attention to the workmanship of the brush. Gently shake it from side to side. Of high quality brush hairs do not have to get out. Remember that artificial and substandard materials can cause allergies, irritation or mechanical damage to the skin. Therefore, the selection and purchase of instruments must be approached very responsibly. 

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