The shape of the eyebrows: how to choose your

The shape of the eyebrows: how to choose your
 Eyebrows not only do look expressive and draw attention to the eyes - they reflect the harmony and the balance of the face, giving it a certain expression. So choosing the right eyebrow shape should emphasize the individuality of the person.
 Very rarely happens that nature bestowed form do not need to adjust - even perfect eyebrows need a lung amendments. Of several standard forms distinguished classical bending - beginning at the nose thickened and smooth arc ends at the temple thin line. Such universal eyebrows fit to face any form - they are elegant, sophisticated and feminine. You only need to follow the line of clarity and color saturation eyebrows.

Regained its lost ground and naturalness - wide raw eyebrows again popular. Such forms are most advantageous to look on the face with large features - they seem to counterbalance it does look naive and cleaner.

Round face can not "straighten", so eyebrows should be rounded, slightly twisting the outer edge of the eye. Also, straight brows unprofitable emphasize high forehead, so they need to make upward. Eyebrows in a smooth arc to soften a square face, and you can slightly increase their length and bend.

Direct eyebrows are ideal for persons of elongated shape - make them virtually horizontal and as far from the bridge of the nose, it is slightly shorten the face. Never put down the eyebrow line at the temple - it makes a person sad and old. To give yourself a youthful appearance, increase the distance between the eyebrows on the nose. Rising eyebrows visually lengthen the face and give it a playful expression.

Any person individually, so the "calculate" will help shape the eyebrows is a simple procedure. You need to define three important points - the beginning and end of the eyebrows, as well as the bend point. Pick up a pencil, attach one end to the wing of the nose and the other finish before the eyebrows so that it passes through the inner corner of the eye. Point to the beginning of the eyebrow eyebrows will - all superfluous towards the nose must be removed. The end point of the eyebrow passes from the wing of the nose through the outer corner of the eye - you need to pull out excess hair. Bending is determined by a straight line extending from the same starting point on the edge of the pupil. Remember that plucked eyebrows just below, above, you can only remove individual hairs that are far from the brow line.

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