Psychology makeup

 It turns out that's where it is and how carefully we put makeup can tell a lot about our character and the attitude to life. And no psychologists do not need!

Complete lack of makeup

Then for some reason immediately comes to mind iconic image created by Alisa Freundlich in "office romances." As a rule, women who receive absolutely no make-up, and thus reject their own femininity. After all, their "female" catastrophically low self-esteem. The reasons for this can be very different. For example, perhaps her parents dreamed of a boy and therefore brought her "male" scenario.

However, more often underestimated its feminine qualities is associated with failure on the personal front. And the lack of makeup in this case - is an attempt to look in the eyes of men the most unattractive to protect themselves from possible new failure and pain. Around the same reason make-up often refuse women survivors of sexual violence. Fear to experience it again makes them look "gray mouse", which is simply impossible to pay attention.

Another reason for the refusal of the make-up is the desire of women to be around par with men. That is why for decorative cosmetics are often totally indifferent business women are actively making career.

There is another motive, forcing a woman to forget about the existence of lipstick, powder and mascara. This is the case even more exaggerated than the previous one. After all, there are women who for various reasons, men consider a complete nonentity. And for them, almost his goal is a desire to prove to themselves and others that they are stronger. They like to know that men are afraid of them, and they all have their own, without male support.

Often completely forget about makeup egocentric women, for whom the world revolves only around them. And they do not care what people think about them by others. Depending on the intellectual level, these women may be seriously engaged, for example, physical self-improvement, daily visiting the gym every weekend - sauna, etc. However, more often it is an intellectual who devote all their time reading, science or religion. They just feel that they are above any there make-up and do not feel the slightest trepidation, passing by the perfume and cosmetics shop.

And finally, the last popular argument among selfish minded opponents makeup is: "Take me for who I am." Such women are fine with self-esteem, have no desire to compete with men scoff at a gym or go deep into the jungle of science. She just does not care about the aesthetic tastes of others. She does not want to be "beautiful picture." Well, it's her right ...

Just want to remind finally, what changes have taken place in the life of the same heroine Alice Freundlich, together with the appearance of makeup on her face ...

Most minimal makeup

That is to say, the "light" -version previous case. Without experiencing much pleasure from the process of painting his own face, such women still make concessions to others. Usually, all confined to a light tone, lip gloss and maybe mascara. These women do not like to stand out in particular, in all valued moderation and good taste. As a rule, they are quite intelligent, but because they find too bright "coloring" is too vulgar and primitive way of attracting attention. At heart, they believe that a smart woman will never be painted like a doll, and therefore all women with bright makeup they are a priori considered not too far away.

As for male attention, it is not they achieve external effects, and the ability to correctly build relationships. Especially because most men, paradoxically, prefer women with a minimum of makeup. According to many polls, almost the most repulsive strong sex female habit - a ton of makeup on her face.

Needless bright makeup

Reasons why a woman every morning put on the face war paint, which would have envied, and the leader of an Indian tribe, can be quite a lot. The very first - a national-cultural environment in which she grew up. As is known, the southern women prefer very intense makeup, although the nature and do not cheated their vivid facial features. The same picture and you'll see once in every provincial town. Discreet intelligent urban make-up was not accepted. That's why almost always provincials in the streets of the capital cities is very easy to learn.

Another reason for the excessive enthusiasm decorative cosmetics lies in the field of psychology. Often a woman "puts" bright makeup as a kind of protective mask. In this case, we can easily conclude that the soul of her very badly. Perhaps she was confused and depressed. But to show it to others she absolutely do not want. It was then a very bright makeup helps! Incidentally, psychologists say that if you are always very moderate and tasteful coloring woman suddenly starts too actively use decorative cosmetics, and even screaming colors - a sure sign that it is something wrong.

And the last reason for the appearance of a woman's face bright war paint - a desire to change their lives. Of course, not through makeup. He is here rather symbolic nature, something of a series of changing hairstyles and rearrangement of furniture. That is, to change something global - need to start small.

Make-up, which spent at least an hour, or even two

If this is about you, the first conclusion is not so much about you, but about the nature of the man with whom you live. After all, only a very patient man be able to stand your two-hour sitting in front of a mirror! However, perhaps you live alone. And then your novel with many lipsticks, gloss, foundation, blush and shadows no one can stop.

But seriously, the lovers of such cosmetic marathon is usually quite self-centered ladies. They take great pleasure in the sight of the mirror as their advantages and disadvantages. In addition, these women are usually the maximalist and a perfectionist, which means that his own reflection in the mirror, it is imperative to bring them to perfection.

Always the same make-up

Women from year to year using the same shade of lipstick and eye coloring is always the same - a classic conservative, panic afraid of anything new. Of course, the makeup in this case is the only outward sign of fear. They think that any change, even if it is about the color of the shadow or blush, may undermine the equilibrium that exists in their lives. And even if the mind of these women realize that their life has long been calling for change, they resist it to the last.

As a result, wherever they went, in the office, in the theater or on a picnic - their make-up remains unchanged. Moreover, these women are convinced that this is a sign of their continuity and integrity and sincerely do not understand the appeal of others that something in itself to change. If symptoms described here are familiar to you, then maybe it's time to remember why it exists at all cosmetics? First of all, in order to easily change your image, depending on the circumstances and mood! Long live the change!

Frequent use of make-up services

These women tend to not trust their judgment and can not decide with the desires and goals. Someone else's opinion for them where their own authoritative. That's why going to buy clothes, they will take with them a friend or a husband, and her face prefer to trust the beautician and makeup artist. These women just need to be close to a confident person who by word or action inspires confidence in them.

Make-up with emphasis on the eyes

According to psychologists, women who focuses on eye makeup, signal others about their ability to be a good, intelligent companion. They are attentive, observant and able to listen to the person, not interrupting. For them, intelligence and judgment are much higher than emotion and sensuality. Knowing how to recognize the good thoughts and mood of the interlocutor, his own feelings, they prefer to keep to yourself.

Make-up with emphasis on lips

This is typically the sentimental and direct persons. They are talkative and sensual. Immersed in their experiences, these women can talk for hours about themselves, their desires and fears. However, they strongly resemble grouse on a lek, because no one but yourself, do not see or hear. By the way, the largest seizures of coquetry and eloquence in these women if they want someone like that.

Of course, the majority of women in certain periods of life try on one of these scenarios here. And if you have suddenly ceased to be painted or on the contrary started to do it with a vengeance, carried away with buying a new lipstick or hike to the make-up artist, remember that all this is not talking so much about your relationship with decorative cosmetics, as the changes taking place in your life and in yourself.

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