Powder: Loose or pressed

Powder: Loose or pressed
 Powder gives skin a smooth matte finish, you can fix the make-up and make it natural. There are two main forms of powder - Loose and Pressed. Selecting it, consider the type of skin and the results you want to achieve.
 Pressed or compact powder is ideal dry skin - it contains fatty ingredients moisturize the skin and give it silky. Convenient compact powder texture makes it an indispensable tool for the correction of makeup during the day - it is easy to carry and use when needed. Pressed Powder, you can use anywhere, because all the tools for its application are in the same small box - sponge and mirror.

Compact powder requires a more careful application - it does not lay down as evenly as crisp compositions, so it has to be applied for longer. Because of the dense texture powder color is slightly different from the hue that will remain on your face, so when choosing the best means to buy powder to tone lighter. Pressed Powder should be applied strictly on massage lines, from the center to the periphery.

Loose powder absorbs better sebaceous excretion, therefore recommended for oily skin. To fix the makeup loose powder should be applied with a thin layer on top of the tonal resources and concealer - it will align the complexion, fix make-up and make it transparent. Apply loose powder evenly, so better for professional make-up means there is no. Loose powder is more convenient to use at home as well as carry it with you and use to adjust the makeup uncomfortable. During use loose powder you can control the density of makeup - the amount of powder on the brush determines skin color is natural or tinted lie thicker. The main tool for applying loose powder - the brush, which can remove excess powder. Work the brush from the central part of the face to the edges. Puff or sponge does not contribute to the uniform distribution of powder. 

From the tone of skin color depends loose powder - Pick up as close coupling as loose compositions give the skin a faint tinge. Before you apply loose powder is necessary to wait for complete absorption of the cream or makeup base, as well as applied tonal means, or powder will form spots.

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