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 Eye makeup this season is simple: no clear lines and careful shading - just easier to apply shadows. Most recent shades - flower from lilac and purple to gold and emerald. About the eye make-up and general trends in make-up spring of 2008 in the pages of women's magazine JustLady!

Topic Your beauty - your skin

The creators of the new collection of shadows from Guerlain argue that bright colors will not look flashy, thanks to their light and delicate texture. The rich palette allows you to mix colors: especially popular combination promises to be a combination of pink and purple with light ocher.

A bold color palette and the company offers Givenchy, a new collection of makeup which is called Accessor'Eyes 2 Indigo Denim.

Watercolor haze

Leadership position and not give up "smoky eye". Ideal for creating such a makeup shade offers Chanel. In the mosaic Les 4 Ombres in Blue went dark blue, pastel blue and pearl gray shades. Transitions from shade to shade should be soft and slightly sloppy - makeup artists again urged to forget about the applicator and apply paint with your finger.

Brilliant output

Effect "twinkling eyes" can be achieved with sequins for a century. Gold grains are used as eyeliner or applied over the shadows. However, makeup with glitter particles involves accuracy: before you begin to apply glitter, put on the lower lashes paper towel. And do not overdo it with the amount - easily irritated mucosa.

Ink drawing

The laboratory developed Clinique mascara Lash Power Mascara, which not only keeps 24 hours, is not afraid of tears and sea spray, but also has the effect of fashion this spring anthracite luxurious eyelashes.

Nude look does not make you a fatal beauty. He just gently accentuate natural dyes: add blush cheeks, makes the skin more tender, and his lips - juicier.

The most important thing in the "invisible" makeup - Perfect complexion. Transparent Powder by Guerlain Les Meteorites eliminate redness and other flaws, and the company's best-selling book by Dior - Flower Blossom instantly give a fresh and radiant appearance.

Spring image is unthinkable without a light touch of rouge, for example, Pop Stick Blush, 2, the novelty of the Yves Saint Laurent fashion pink color. Makeup artists recommend to apply blush on the cheekbones, not only, but also under the eyebrows and hairline - this method will make a person more relief.


Frankly seductive, glossy and juicy - that such will be the lips this spring. Special popularity gets the color fuchsia: even on the show Valentino makeup models, instead of the traditional red lipstick, pink glitter was used.
Most intense shades of spring - in the palette by L'Oreal balms Paris. Glam Shine 6H became also the first lip gloss that lasts for six hours.


Since then, as the nails became a full-fledged part of the image, the color of nail polish are no longer obliged to overlap with a touch of lipstick. Traditional berry shades are not losing out as an absolute classic - French manicure. Especially popular upcoming spring promise silver, black and coral shades. The most unexpected color in spring manicure - indigo. Chanel is a rich dark blue Le Vernis - Blue Satin 461.

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