Makeup: timeless images

Makeup: timeless images
 Art of makeup appeared in ancient times and remains popular today. With the help of make-up woman can hide imperfections, to emphasize the dignity and complement the image as a whole. Different techniques and cosmetic products can achieve different effects, but there is a classic, from which not going anywhere.  

When the film only came into our lives, it has become so popular that imitate the actress became all the women of the world. Image of the heroine of silent film memorable for striking eye make-up, as they are known, the mirror of the soul. The color scheme - a thick gray, dark walnut, ash. In order to achieve the effect of «smoky eyes», you can drive in the shade gently with your fingers. So create a feeling "velvety" makeup. Applied to the eyelid moving shadows, but do not go beyond the natural limits of the eye. Be sure to emphasize the cheekbones using the equalizer to make clear face, as if sculpted. Lips should make up matte lipstick natural, or, conversely, dark shade. To give them a complete, do it with fingertips.

With the proliferation of Hollywood cinema in fashion came in the image of elegance and femininity. Blue eye shadow palette on a movable century, black arrow and feather light will make your look attractive and sensual. A mandatory attribute of the image are long fluffy eyelashes. Hollywood actress famous for their eternal youth, freshness and health. Bright color will accentuate your face and make it more natural. White teeth smile - Hollywood "trick". Bright lipstick red or pink colors give the image of strength and softness at the same time. You can use a lip pencil, a little darker than the main tone of lipstick.

Modern girl - vulnerable, gentle, but strong nature. It can be stylish business lady and frivolous romantic at the same time. Her makeup should be natural and unobtrusive. Emphasize eyes with eyeliner or pencil. Glowing pearl shadows make expressive glance, it does not "scoring" way more than color. Eyebrows should be natural, fairly broad. You can lightly touch up a pencil of light gray or brown. Peach blush and concealer will give a fresh face. Lip Makeup should be virtually invisible, but very sensual. Use a lip gloss light pink or natural berry shade.

Timeless images of makeup do not call strictly follow the rules. Any art involves improvisation. Choose what is right for you, but do not forget to experiment and invent new combinations. Maybe your new image becomes eternal.

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