Makeup lesson: honey shades

Makeup lesson: honey shades
 When creating makeup using makeup shades of honey is worth remembering that they are not suitable for every woman. These colors will look good on women with dark brown or copper hair and fair skin young. In other cases, the makeup will look vulgar or older appearance.
 Before applying make-up is required to prepare the skin. Clean it with a lotion or tonic, wash and apply your usual cream. If your skin is dry, it is better to use moisturizer to not feel discomfort.

Once the cream is fully absorbed, and the person will be dry, you can apply the tone. People with dry skin suit cream, and fatty - powder. Tone color should be as close to the shade of your skin on the neck and chest to face is not contrasted with these sites, or makeup will look unnatural. Foundation is better to put your fingers, so it will be more pliable texture, and you can easily rastushuete means.

Now use a proofreader. With the help of a synthetic brush, apply it to all the shaded areas and valleys: the area around the eyes, nose and mouth. This will help to conceal blemishes, dark circles and signs of fatigue.

Fix foundation makeup with a transparent powder and start drawing shadows. Select the lightest tone of your palette of shades of honey and apply it on the upper eyelid from the inner corner to the outer. Now select the most saturated color and make a bright contrast spot. To do this, either paint the central region of the upper eyelid or the outer corner of his way to a lighter shade occupied only a quarter of the surface. After that paint the same saturated shade or darker color from the same palette fold over a century. Shade shades with a soft brush to color smoothly into one another. After that, adjust the border makeup with a cotton swab and consolidate the results using transparent powder.

Under these shades shadow on the eyelid contour is better not to apply, but the eyelashes should paint ink, increasing the volume. This will make it look even deeper and more expressive.

To make it easier to apply blush, a little smile. Then the area to which they should be applied, will be more noticeable. Choose a color blush palette of shades of honey and chocolate, but do not make them too dark, or makeup will look unnatural.

It remains only to paint lips. To do this, use a dark lipstick bardovogo or brown. First, paint the upper lip in the direction from the center to the edges, and then the lower one corner to another. Blot lips with a paper towel and then apply lipstick - so it will not fade for longer.

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