Makeup in the style of the 40's

Makeup in the style of the 40's
 Mankind since time immemorial strives to perfect. Make-up of each individual decade, memorable and interesting in its own way. If you delve into the history of makeup, studying the characteristics of each era, relying on well-known women of the time, you can learn a lot. If we consider the make-40s, the personification of that time were Helen Parker, Joan Crawford, Veronica Lake and many other foreign divas. This image today is perfect for a party or out to a restaurant.

To fulfill makeup style 40s must determine the direction, because at that time there was also a variety of: natural and intelligent.

So, natural make-up does not mean absolutely no makeup on her face. Rather, it gives the skin a healthy appearance, even tone. Cosmetics, which is necessary for the creation of this image, fit in shades of warm caramel tones. The result - a "puppet" and a natural appearance. Lipstick should be applied also in pastel shades, no hint of brightness and vulgarity.

For those who do not fit the natural make-40s, you can try the second option, which is perfect for evening relaxation. Such an option, rather bears call the beginning of the twentieth century - and at the same time emphasizing the lips and eyes. Presence in the face at the same time rich shadows and bright lipstick - no longer rule, and the top of elegance. While this makeup is suitable only if you are going for an evening or special event.

Let's start with the eyes. Eyebrows should be pronounced, it is possible to emphasize them or brown shades, or pencil. Eyeshadow is best to choose a brown-gold palette or steel gray. The main thing - to put a lighter shade under the brow and be sure to draw an arrow farther century. Eyelashes thus should be well dyed and slightly curled. On the lips, apply lipstick deep red.

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