Makeup in orange tones

Makeup in orange tones
 Spring 2011 makeup offers brunettes use unexpected orange tones. No wonder fashion stylists basis for taking this color. This season especially popular rich and juicy citrus notes: grapefruit, orange, tangerine shades. Very bright make-up is not a relic of the past. Rather, it is a gorgeous spring trend.

Do not be afraid to experiment with shades of orange, throwing away all prejudices. After all cosmetic companies already present many new products presented in this palette. Pay attention to the carrot lipstick color, which can be the basis of almost any bright makeup on a par with the classic crimson lipstick. But there is still a peach, salmon, terra cotta, coral colors, so you can find plenty to choose from.

Remember that when you create yourself a bright and dazzling image with makeup orange tones, you should follow some rules. It is necessary to take into account the external data as well as any trends must necessarily correspond exactly to take a person. So you create yourself a harmonious and balanced way. Also try before applying the base color to get rid of circles under the eyes, swelling, pimples and greasy skin (unless, of course, something from this bothers you). Combined with orange hues, these undesirable elements will make the calling and perhaps even vulgar. Success lies in the right balance of colors, perfect eyebrows, and matte skin with an even tone.

If you want to make the main focus on the eye, try to be as accurate. Here it is crucial to choose a color that is right for you. Shadows recommend that you first applied to the area around most of eyelashes, and then from that point on shade. Can be applied to just two shades of shadows, and completely different. So with any shade of orange green goes well, giving your makeup a drop of freshness and originality. As for lipstick, in combination with various shades of orange shades will look great carrot-colored lipstick, which is becoming a trend in 2011

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