How to use the tone cream

How to use the tone cream
 Foundation plays an important role in the makeup of women, as is its foundation. It allows you to hide skin blemishes and even out skin tone. With cream can prepare the skin for further makeup. In order to make really emphasizes the dignity of the person and concealed defects must be correctly applied to the skin tone foundation.

When choosing a foundation must take into account the color and type of skin, it is best to select the most similar to your natural color. Do not buy a tone or two darker to emphasize the cheekbones person, because it is the work of blush. If your cream is too dark, it can be diluted with a lighter. Also for greater moisturizing cream is mixed with the usual tone of the moisturizer in the proportions of one to one.

Before you start to apply foundation, use a moisturizer daily. Firstly, it will protect your skin, and secondly, on the basis of the best tone is applied.

So squeeze on the index finger a little cream and begin to apply it on your face rubbing movement. Moreover, it is applied from the center to the periphery of the face. It is not necessary to impose a thick layer. Even if you want to make up a scar or a pimple, it is better to apply a thin layer of cream, but several times. This will allow your skin to look more natural, as well as to avoid divorce from cream.

Not necessarily impose the tone for the entire face, it all depends on the condition of your skin. If you apply the cream all over the face, then do not forget the ears and neck. Indeed, the contrast can be very noticeable, especially if the color of your skin and cream tones are different.

Worth checking out, everywhere you rubbed cream everywhere whether it is applied evenly. You need a good foundation in the tonal shade eyebrows to her was not noticeable.

For a more even application, you can use sponge - a small sponge for applying makeup. The tone is also applied in a circular motion from the center. After applying makeup, skin can be slightly wet cloth to remove excess.

Normal foundation rests not so long, except sverhstoykih, so should some time to update the makeup. It's enough to pound on one layer a little cream from the center to the edge of the face.

Once you finally struck tonal basis, you can continue to make.

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