How to sum up arrow

How to sum up arrow
 Eyes - tool feminine charm and attract attention. No wonder the fair sex so much emphasis on eyeliner, as not a single woman on their own experience had proved a stunning effect of men achieved with the right eye makeup. But it is to achieve this stunning effect, you must know and observe a few simple rules on how to properly sum up arrow.  

Generally, when you hover the eye makeup is to determine what shape are your eyes. Considered ideal almond-shaped eyes, but, unfortunately, it is not as widespread. And women tend to visually give the eyes a form of eyes with eyeliner and arrows.

If your eyes are far away from each other, then you should carefully sum up the inner corner of the eye, bringing a little arrow abroad century.

Round eyes give the greatest attraction will eyeliner both upper and lower eyelids, and the arrow is recommended in this case to draw from both the outer and the inner eyelid. Only need to remember that when the lower eyelid eyeliner draw the line either above or directly on the lash line. In addition, the bottom line does not spend liner and pencil to shade her well - so get a neater and more natural.

If you have narrow eyes - then use thick eyeliner is not too dark and only the lower eyelid. In this case it is better to avoid vyrisovyvaniya arrows.
If there are slanted eyes better sum up the upper eyelid with the middle to the inner corner of the eye, and the bottom - from the middle to the outer corner.

Owners almond-shaped eyes, you can draw arrows, like Marilyn Monroe - sum up the upper eyelid liner very close to the lash line, slightly rounded up arrow abroad century. Also suitable and the so-called Spanish style shooter - fed from the center of the eyelid to the outer corner of the eye, slightly raising his end of the arrow.

Properly sum up arrow - an art that helps the fair sex to hit sacrifice of the opposite sex just once on the spot and in the heart.

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