How to remove make-up coconut oil

How to remove make-up coconut oil
 Coconut oil is extracted from dried or fresh coconut flesh. This product contains lauric acid monoglycerides, antioxidants. You can not use it only as a supplement, but also as full natural makeup. It perfectly care of hair, protects your lips from the cold and wind, moisturizes and cleanses the skin. Many believe coconut oil ideal for removing makeup.  
 Natural cocoa butter may be in solid or liquid form, depending on the ambient temperature. It melts at 24O C, so a small slice of natural coconut oil melts instantly in your hands or on the skin. Before removing from the bottle or cans coconut oil, wash your hands with warm water and antibacterial agent and wipe them with a soft towel. If the oil is in a solid state, then take it a cosmetic spatula, put his left hand and wait until it is a little podtaet. If it is liquid, simply pour it into the palm of your hand.

Start oil gently rubbed into the skin towards the hairline. Around the eyes and on the eyelids massage cushion ring finger because it is the weakest and not pull the skin on these most delicate areas.

What happens next depends on whether you have oil. It is refined, whether or VCO (Virgin coconut oil). The first two oil extracted from dried coconut pulp - copra. Unrefined oil is poorly soluble in water, it is thicker in consistency and, if left on the skin can "score" pores. This oil is better not to use in cosmetics. Refined coconut oil fine foam, rinse with water, but at the expense of processing contains less fatty acids. It is this oil is ideal for the production of soap. If you shoot make-up using it, then simply rinse thoroughly several times face with warm water, and then dry with a soft towel.

Coconut oil is marked on the Russian market VCO can be sold as a virgin, cosmetic or organic. This is the most expensive oil - it is produced from fresh pulp of ripe coconuts, and so much oil do not take forth. In the liquid state, it is almost transparent with a faint but perceptible smell of coconut. If the coconut flavor just knocks down, the oil either expired or fake - in the best case, you sell flavored version of refined oil. VCO oil does not clog pores, that it moisturizes and softens the skin. If your face is in need of such care, then do not wash coconut oil and remove makeup with a cotton swab and leave for10-15 minutes. Only then wash.

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