How to paint big eyes

How to paint big eyes
 Not all girls nature has the perfect shape of the eye, but do not despair. Make-up, can be overly large eyes visually reduce and create a charming image.

You should start with the preparation of an eye. Bit masking cream or a pair of correction fluid hide defects such as dark spots or dark circles under the eyes.


Now apply the shadow-base on the eyelids to the brow. For large eye is better to use a moderate tone. Do not skip this step, otherwise the shadows, the emphasis will be kept for long and will get sloppy appearance.


Eye shadow can be a liquid eyeliner, pencil or just dark shadows. Visually reduce the big eyes gradually thicken the line from the inner corner of the eye. It needs to carry out as close to the border of the lash. Line the lower lid eyeliner smudge with a cotton swab.


Makeup big eyes take shade of dark colors, without too much glitter and pearl. Shadows are applied in the middle of the upper eyelid, shading towards the outer corner of the eye. Internal corners Otten lighter shades.


Eyebrows play an important role in reducing visual big eyes. Only the line of eyebrows balance the proportion of moderate thickness. Too light brows need a little pencil in the shade darker tone and mislead.


Finally, apply mascara to the eyelashes. To avoid unnecessary increase of dye ink should eye in a single layer and, preferably, only the top row. Then painted eyelashes comb and remove lumps.

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