How to make your lips plump

How to make your lips plump
 Plump lips look more attractive - your image becomes seductive and exciting. Give lip volume and make them a little swollen help massage, mask, use of makeup and special techniques when performing makeup.
 You can enhance the power of the lips by stimulating blood circulation - they turn red and a little increase in size. Of short-term measures can be identified biting - gently push the teeth lip skin, causing blood flow to the tissues. If you regularly massage the lips, they will always look a little overweight, lipstick will be good to lie down on a flat surface and carry out their functions to increase the volume and effects of moist lips. As a massage tool will fit a manual toothbrush with soft bristles - treat lips twice a day after brushing them with any vegetable oil. Once a week, make honey peeling - a drop of honey spread on the lips and rub in a circular motion, gently working your fingers. After the massage, be sure to apply a lip balm or a thick layer of fat baby cream.

Of caregivers can distinguish menthol chapstick. The presence in it of menthol essential oils cause a slight burning and tingling of the lips, due to what is happening blood flow and increase lip volume. The effect lasts a long time, but to apply such funds on a daily basis is not recommended.

Decorative tools allow to enhance the visual effect of swelling. Volumetric shines with reflective components, shimmering particles and oily texture gives lips extra volume, make them full and sensual. Dark lipstick, on the contrary, reduces the size of the lips. Moreover, the lighter the color, the stronger the visual effect of lip augmentation. Before you start up the lips, moisturizing balm grease them, which will smooth out fine wrinkles. Lip contour circle light proofreader. Then outline with a pencil, draw a line desired shade just above the edge of the lips - barely noticeable, so that was not visible border.

Cardinally lip augmentation is contoured plastic. Injection of the gel based on hyaluronic acid at the time of making your lips luscious and volume - over time the drug excreted from the body, so if you are satisfied effect, the procedure can be repeated. If you want to change the lips forever, then ask for help from a plastic surgeon - by introducing its own fat cells he will increase the volume of your lips.

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