How to make your lips fuller

How to make your lips fuller
 Full female lips always attract men's looks. Lucky for those who by nature lips plump and tempting. And what about those who are not too bulky? Could go under the surgeon's knife or make painful injections of beauty? No, you can enlarge the lips without resorting to surgery or other traumatic methods.  
 First of all, if you want to increase lip volume, activate blood circulation in them. How is it done? Very simply, using a conventional massage. Here is a simple and reliable recipe: massage lips for 1-2 minutes, using as a massage cream ordinary honey. You'd be surprised, but your lips shine and smoothed, and the blood rushed to them, make them pink.

You can do this massage before bedtime. If you want, you can buy a very soft toothbrush and carry out the procedure with it. Use natural oils that you do not cause irritation, such as peach. Do not like the oil - take nourishing lip cream or balm. In cream, you can add a drop of vitamin A or E on fatty basis. To do this it is necessary to massage regularly.

For the lazy perfect special shine and lipsticks that contain menthol. In this case, simply spread their lips. Tingling says a rush of blood. Lips will become brighter and a little increase in volume.

So, with the blood circulation is clear. It should be said about the make-up - there are some tricks that can help visually enlarge the lips. Matt dark lipstick make lips thinner, while sparkling possess oily sheen enhances the effect. Do not use bright pearl lipstick - she has the ability to optically reduce the lips. Natural colors and light colors - that's what you need.

That's not all. To make the lips fullness, they should be carefully cut around the cosmetic pencil having a shade lighter than that used lipstick. Apply a line very carefully, do not draw excessively large lips. Let the eyeliner does not protrude beyond the contours of the mouth. Top have to apply lipstick. The final touch - a drop of gloss on the lower lip. And so, without suffering and large cash outlay, you get beautiful full lips.

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