How to learn to do the right makeup

How to learn to do the right makeup
 Expertly made-up woman will emphasize their dignity, to set off the beauty and attract admiring glances, both men and women. Therefore, to learn how to use brushes and paints - it's just a necessity of life.
 The first thing to consider when applying makeup is the shape of the face. Since it is believed that a person should look visually oval, you have to using makeup its shape closer to the ideal. If the face is round or square, the dark tone of powder or foundation caused by the contour of the face, help correct it. If the same person triangular, rectangular or diamond-shaped, then darken have any protruding parts, such as the cheekbones, jaw, or upper part of the forehead and lighten center.

The most important thing - to choose a quality foundation, which, moreover, can hide some blemishes. It must be applied evenly to make it look more natural as possible. If necessary, you can apply concealer, it carefully shading, and powder.

The next stage makeup are the eyes and eyebrows. For dark-haired woman eyebrow pencil should be one to two shades lighter hair, and for blonde - darker. Black pencil in both cases - not the best option. To make eyes brighter for the lower eyelid is necessary to use a blue pencil or a matching color shades, the best neutral hues.

Small eyes can visually enlarge, causing bright shade on the upper eyelid under the brow arch. To dissolve narrow-set eyes, emphasize the inner corners need light shadows and outside corners note arrows. Wide-set eyes adjusted using the dark shadows at the inner corners and arrows, tapering towards the outer corner. And shadow and eyeliner applied and shaded so that no clear boundaries between colors.

One of the most useful and favorite female of makeup is mascara. If the nature of the long eyelashes, but not thick, no need to buy a lengthening mascara, otherwise they will look even less. Although the color ink looks attractive on a sunny day, brown as good always, making softer look.

Shape of the lips can be corrected contour pencil and lipstick: thin lips need to circle, leaving 1 mm beyond them, and full lips - inside the border. Colorless or pale light shines for all types of lips, but the bright lipstick with gloss will help narrow lips become juicier.

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