How to learn make-up

How to learn make-up
 Modern and stylish woman who monitors their appearance, should know the basic rules applying makeup - it will help her to always maintain the style and taste in their appearance. Not need to know the subtleties of professional makeup - just follow the general rules that will help you look stylish and attractive.

In order to properly learn how to do makeup, you need to know the basic types of makeup for different occasions - it happens everyday and simple, rigorous, evening or extreme, suitable for parties and events of the original.


Doing makeup, remember the main rule: bright and dedicated to be only one place on the face. This may be the lips or eyes - but you can not simultaneously emit bright colors and eyes and lips. It will look tasteless and vulgar. If you select the lips bright lipstick, all other features should only emphasize this selection. If you select a dark eyeliner and eye shadows - Use a dim natural color lipstick.


Enjoy the shades of cosmetics that are suitable to your type of appearance - winter, spring, summer or fall. Blue eyes are best emphasized by brown or gray color in the shadows and mascara, brown eyes beautifully set off by gold and bronze shades.


Before apply makeup - Prepare your skin for this. Clean the face with a tonic - just clean skin will look good with make-up. Then, in a clean and dry face, apply makeup base - foundation and cream, prepares the skin for makeup. Then start doing eye makeup.


You should begin with drawing shadows. Take the lightest shade and apply it on the skin under the eyebrows. The closer to the edge of the upper eyelid - the darker the shade should become shadows. Make sure that the color was uniform throughout the length of the eye. Then take the eyeliner or pencil and gently trace the inside of the lower eyelid, and then draw a line on the upper eyelid lashes.


The next step - make-up lips. Rub a small amount of lip balm. Take the right color lipstick and put it on his lower lip. Lipstick smudge with your finger and spread over the upper lip. After that, wipe off the lipstick and repeat the process from the beginning - it will make the color more resistant. The same thing can you do with glitter to visually enlarge the lips and make them more attractive.


Depending on what area of ​​the face you want to draw the attention of others, choose color cosmetics. For example, choose a pale lipstick or lip gloss easy if you want to pay attention to the bright eyes. If you want the lips to pay more attention - use less makeup with eye makeup.

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