How to enhance the beauty of the eyes

How to enhance the beauty of the eyes
 Eye called the mirror of the soul. In addition, it is also the most attractive part of a woman's face. With the right makeup, you can highlight their natural beauty, as well as to give sight depth and mystery. Cosmetics do eye makeup elegant.

Brunettes with dark and expressive eyes do not need a lot of makeup. Just lightly tint eyelashes black or dark brown mascara. However, if you want to give your look a certain languor and dragged, then use the shadows. Apply the lightest shade in the inner corner of the eye and the darkest in the outer. Transitions blend eye shadows applicator.

Brunettes can also achieve a beautiful and expressive eyes using eyeliner, giving the cat eye shape and lifting the corners of the visual age. Spend a neat thin line along the lower and upper eyelid right at the lash line.

The blue eyes emphasize pearl or smoky shades of golden, beige, ocher tones.

Green-eyed brown-haired suit the most varied palette of eye makeup, depending on their color. Choose brown, pink, blue and red colors. Owners of light green eyes and gentle fit pearl smoky shadows. The brighter eyes, the brighter shall be their makeup.

The basic rule of eye makeup - do not pick the shade of the same color as your eyes, because of this they become expressionless. Do not overload the eye make-up, because of this they look like painted and lose their appeal. Eye makeup should be applied carefully and accurately, do not stretch the skin and try to not fall in the shadow of the eye. Enhance the beauty of the eyes and eyebrows help. Their form for each individual woman, pick them under the type of person.

Women wearing glasses, you should create a visual counterweight. To do this, use a bright lipstick. When myopia eye makeup should be light from the inner corner of the eye to the middle of the century, and to the eyebrows should impose darker shade. And apply more mascara on the lashes. With farsightedness, on the contrary, increase the eye glasses, so use matte shades of light shades and slightly move the lower eyelid.

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