How to emphasize gray eyes

How to emphasize gray eyes
 Owners of gray eyes have a great advantage - they are suitable for almost all commonly used in make-up shades. It is important to know how to use them to enhance the beauty and mystique of sight.
 It is believed that the gray eyes remain neutral in comparison with brown, blue and green. There is one "but": before applying make-up, please read the tone of the iris. To achieve compelling look, use shade two shades darker than the natural color of the eyes. Gray eyes with brown patches perfectly accentuate the golden shade.

Pay attention to the color of your skin. If it is dark, it can safely be used as a warm (caramel and bronze) and cold (purple, blue, green) colors. If the skin is too light, choose a light lilac hues of metallic shades. By the way, owners of dark hair fit almost all of the colors. And blondes stylists recommend pick-up complex, consisting of two shades. But the make-up should not be screaming.

Do not apply for ever in the shade or tone of the eyes is much lighter. You do look "glass" faceless. If you have too bright eyes, in any case, do not apply to eyelids thick black or dark blue shades, and avoid flashy colors. You not only emphasize the beauty of their own, but do make repulsive. To add expressiveness too bright eyes accentuates the eyebrows and eyelashes.

To emphasize the natural beauty of the gray eyes, use dark blue, gray or brown (in conjunction with a golden hue shadows) liner. With gray eyes look great game on the contrast. For example, on the upper eyelid, apply a warm brownish tint and lower eyelids move the blue pencil. To enhance the effect, move the inner lower corner of the eye with a light pencil metal shade, and the outer corner - blue pencil (along the lash line). Complete make-up, spending on eyelashes gray or blue ink.

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