How to draw arrows

How to draw arrows
 The arrows on the eyes are considered classics. They are able to instantly transform a person to give a make-up finish, and its bearer - the mystery. Eyes filled with colorful arrows - it's always a bit "retro", an allusion to the image of the fatal beauty, temptress, the heroine of cinema.
 Quality depends on the hardness of the arrow and hand selected make-up products. You can use the eyeliner in the form of powder or pen, gel, ink or pencil. Became a classic black arrows, but no less impressive look and color - brown, dark gray, purple, green or blue.

Prepare the eyelid, causing a base for make-up and a little by driving it into the skin with your fingertips. Do not forget about the place at the roots of the lashes. Framework does not give eyeliner preprinted and preserve the freshness of makeup. Apply to the eyelid shade. Their color depends on the selected image. If you want to create a smoky eye effect, use two or three shades of one color, but varying intensity, carefully shading them, and darkening the outer corners of the eyes. For retro image in the style of 50's suit bright shade close to the skin tone.

Choose the size and intensity of the arrows. You can draw a short thick lines, and can be summed eyes neat thin strip, extending it to the temples. Beginners can try Powder eyeliner - it is easy to apply narrow sponge. Lightly cover your eyes, dip a sponge in a tube, and set it to the middle of the century. Take him to the outer corner of the eye ensure continuous motion. If necessary, touch up the line by typing a fresh batch of eyeliner. Arrow can be raised to the eyebrows, eyes giving "cat" to extend her slit go to temples in Egyptian style. Dial a little powder and Doris arrow on the inner corner of the eye, leading the sponge from the corner to the middle. Apply for the second eye, check their symmetry.

Thick bright arrows can be drawn and a soft pencil liner. Lightly blend pencil at hand, softening and warming it. Summing eyes, slightly hold the skin with your free hand - so the line will lie flatter. Keep a pencil as close to the lash line, adjusting the thickness of the arrows. If she went smoothly, tweak it a clean foam sponge or cotton swab.

Most thin arrows depict the liquid eyeliner. This is a job for an experienced hand - line should be continuous, smooth and uniform. Very much depends on the brush. Look for one that is convenient for you. Dip it in ink, remove the excess, wiping lightly brush on the neck of the tube. Place the tip of the inner corner of the eye and smooth confident movement lead the arrow along the lash line. In the middle of the century strengthen pressure - it will become more intense. Brought to the outside corner of the eye, loosen the pressure - hand thinning. Sharp movement tear brush, complete the line. Examine the results, if necessary, correct the width of the arrow. Wait a few seconds - liquid eyeliner should be dry.

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