How to draw an arrow

How to draw an arrow
 Arrows do look more spicy, sexy and sensual. Paint them with various podvodok and pencils. A line to get a neat and beautiful, you need to know the rules of their application and a little practice.
 Select a tool for eyeliner. If you're new to drawing arrows, it is preferable to choose whole-liner pen. Its advantage is that when applied to the amount of funds do not need to dose, but at the expense of the make-up can be done faster and better.

For those who already had experience drawing arrows fit contour pencils. They come in matte and pearl, and in addition, have varying degrees of hardness. To draw lines and rich coloring inside of the eyelid choose soft pencils, and for clear and thin - solid.

Liquid eyeliner with a brush requires skillful handling. It gives a more intense color and are sufficiently resistant. If you need to make yourself not, but, for example, a friend, use the liner in the form of a cream.

Put a mirror on the table and lean elbow on the surface, so it's more convenient to draw. Start spending contour direction from the inner corner of the eye, drawing it as close to the edge of the growth of cilia. Keep an eye half open, it will help you avoid any possible irregularities. To view did not look sad, to extend the line of eyelashes and lift up the tips of the arrows.

If you want to give the almond-shaped eyes, eyeliner, extend their outer corners. With wide-set eyes as vividly as possible fail the inner corners of the upper eyelid and slightly prolong the line to the bridge of the nose, outer corners of the same sum is not necessary.

Narrow eyes can be expanded, summing up the general upper eyelid eyeliner is not too dark. For corners arrow should not go, otherwise it visually narrows his eyes even more. To visually lower the corners, making eyes "slanted", emphasize using the liner outer corner of the lower eyelid and the inner corner of the upper.

To round eyes bulging did not look, draw a thick pencil arrow feather to smoky effect. Remember, the smaller the eyes, the thinner the needle should be, because black eyeliner visually reduces them.

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