Harmful components tonal resources

Harmful components tonal resources
 Foundations are the foundation of almost any kind of makeup. They line the surface of the face mask some deficiencies and improve skin tone. It is believed that the tone cream may be toxic and comedogenic. This is possible if you use "tonalnika" by unscrupulous manufacturers.

Like any other cosmetic product, "tonalnik" contains a number of components that provide him a long storage and the necessary consistency. This so-called flavoring, viscosity enhancers, preservatives, each of which may adversely affect the skin and the body as a whole. Necessary ingredients for any foundation are various pigments to give it one or the other group, as well as synthetic or naturally occurring fats and oils, wax-like substances.

Almost all cosmetics are manufactured with an added preservative. These are substances which contribute to long-term storage of cosmetics and prevent rapid oxidation of natural components of creams, including tone. Simultaneously, preservatives do not allow rapid development of bacterial flora. However, acting on the bacterial flora detrimental preservatives, and similarly affect the cells of the skin. Therefore, high levels of preservatives in tone cream is definitely harmful.

Pleasant aroma of foundation due to the presence in its composition of different fragrances. However, they can trigger an allergic reaction, as is the expression of allergens. Manufacturers known cosmetic brands use special fragrances, possessing hypoallergenic, and therefore, choosing foundation, pay attention to the price of cream and manufacturing companies.

Characteristic for cosmetics and emulsifiers are, the function of which is to enhance the viscosity of the product. If emulsifiers in the "tonalnika" too much, it may cause skin dryness and feeling of tightness. In the manufacture of cosmetics are often used substances to protect against free radicals, but they are quite harmful to the skin. When buying a foundation, pay attention to the presence of the following "bad" components: Padimate-O, NDGA, PABA synthetiques, Octyldimethyl PABA, EDS.

But, despite the fact that in any tone cream contains a certain amount of artificial substances, preservatives or stabilizers, well-matched foundation known brand will help your skin look flawless, give her a fresh shine and protect against the negative influence of the environment.

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