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 Often a situation where you are invited to some event, such as a birthday party at a restaurant on a Friday night. And here you are racing from work, flew to the bathroom to freshen up, take a quick shower, then go out, look at yourself in the mirror ... and what do you see? .. And you see the nice young woman with signs of fatigue on the face. Hmmm ... And concealer is unlikely there will ... Fortunately, modern cosmetic industry has developed a lot of tools that will make your skin glow and shine.  

Radiant eyes
To start up loans eyes. It is the skin around the eyes is particularly easy fatigue may issue. Slightly swollen eyelids, dark circles give fatigue caused by busy day.

Brilliant idealityFor the eyes, there are creams and gels that can immediately "pull" the skin. For example, gelDefatigant Eclair Contour des Yeux (Eye Revive Beauty Flash) by Clarins able to quickly remove any wrinkles and puffiness around the eyes. This means as a light gel instantly absorbed and as if melts into the skin. Contained therein corrective pigments helps to smooth the skin and make wrinkles less visible as possible.

Latest technology Lancome allowed the company to create a seriesL.U.C.I.
The gel, which is suitable for the age and face has a very light and delicate texture, does not contain any color pigments, tightens the skin and gives it a light shimmering shine. This tool is also notable for the fact that depending on the light contained in the gel particles brilliant shimmer and change colors, which helps increase the feeling of a unique radiance eye.

Makeup base
Foundation makeup applied to the face to hide any defects or imperfections of the skin. This means that contain a pigment, very close to the natural pigment of the skin. With makeup bases (which, incidentally, can be in any form - as a gel, cream, emulsion, spray, etc.) the effect achieved shine and luster, and even the skin tone obtained. Such bases are in no way do not harm the skin, but on the contrary, even beneficial. These agents act as a barrier to dust, and along by sunlight.

Radiant skin of the face
Basic base - is perhaps one of the most important conditions for a really good makeup.

Brilliant idealityFor example, the world-famous and very popular with many ladies companyGuerlain drew attention to the two types of makeup base: base with gold particles and the base particles with pearls. This concentrated gel that can be used not only as a base for make-up, but also as a light moisturizing essence.Guerlain L'Or Essence has a valuable property: it prevents oily sheen on the skin, and at the same time gives a shimmering light shade and a noble radiance.

Brilliant idealityNo less popular in the world of cosmetics companyShiseido created his own version of makeup base calledSmoothing Veil. With this tool, you can also achieve a lot: even tone and a pleasant, natural complexion, great skin moisturizing ... Due to its composition, Smoothing Veil provides a clear facial lines, smoothes facial wrinkles nasolabial, shine and radiance skin.

Once you have helped her face restored using basic fundamentals, you can begin drawing shadows, blush and tonal resources. Due to the fact that you are well taken care of basis, will be a delightful makeup - and no signs of fatigue on the face!

Author: Julia Boltneva
Women's magazine JustLady

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