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 Eyes - mirror of the soul. But there is another insidious mirror that shamelessly gives all your secrets. This facial skin. Sleepless night, bad habits, stress with it immediately made public. Fortunately, there is a way to neutralize this inner spy and make the skin is always shining.

After the holidays, or during a severe love our skin as if lit from within. However, the pace of modern life, gas polluted air, a long stay in the office, chlorinated water, which you wash, - all this continuous stress to the skin. Like a sponge, soaking up any negative impact of the external environment, it is on their own trying to cope with the consequences. However, with age it becomes more difficult to keep an invisible defense.

Often we are adding skin problems. We buy our type creams inappropriate or not use them at all, forget to remove makeup before going to bed, desiccate means that contain alcohol. And she is suffering. As long as one does not do the time we deserved, "pleasing" enlarged pores, tarnish, earthy shade.


- Dim complexion, pale and dry skin indicate a lack of vitamins in the diet and lack of hydration.
- Haggard face, bags under the eyes, flabby, aggravated facial wrinkles or age are usually the result of stress, inadequate rest or excessive stress on the nervous system.
- Redness, inflammation, feeling of tightness and increased sensitivity to changes in temperature may indicate a decrease in immunity, poor and irregular meals.

Stop Stress!

Constant stress are dangerous because they lead to premature aging. And it is reflected on the skin first. Cosmetic companies have long tried to find a way to help the tired skin, return it to a healthy and radiant appearance. This is made possible thanks to a special anti-stress creams that contain components related "happiness hormones" and protect against the negative external and internal factors. The principle of operation of these funds is to moisturize the skin and timely activation of its regeneration. They remove toxins that accumulate in cells and prevents the appearance of age spots and relieve irritation.

In the anti-stress creams contain ingredients that promote the production of collagen, which makes the skin soft and supple, eliminates premature wrinkles.
The sooner you begin to deal with the consequences of stress that have a negative impact on the health of the skin, the more likely that it will be a long time to please you with freshness and elasticity. A brief overview of that in a short time will make the skin supple, will help you choose the most suitable.

The company L'Oreal, for example, has created a line of cosmetics for young girls with a positive name "Happy skin." The composition of these products includes fitodorfiny based on cocoa bean extract that acts like endorphins - the "happiness hormone", which are produced in the brain when we are very good. In addition, these creams contain extract of horse chestnut tree, improves blood circulation and returns immediately tired skin glow.

Prolong youth and beauty will help "energy" cosmetics. Products line from Givenchy Power Youth contains special ingredients that affect the structure of mitochondria, responsible for cellular respiration, and stimulate the production of the necessary energy. These cosmetic products help neutralize the effects of stress, bad environment and restore the natural balance of the skin.

Often, to increase vitality, need help from the outside. Elixir "Sisley" (Sisleya-Elixir) Sisley company sends signals peculiar skin, causing it to yourself to fight illnesses and harmful effects of the environment. It consists of malt extract, white willow leaf, nightshade, antioxidants and essential oils of lavender and marjoram. The interaction of these components improves blood circulation, which makes it easier to saturate the cells with oxygen. And this, in turn, makes the skin fresh, returns to her bright colors, and you look rested.

In the world of cosmetics, there is another novelty, which actively helps combat the effects of stress. NIVEA Visage has developed a cosmetic line called "DNKrem." These anti-stress creams increase the skin's resistance to external attacking factors to accelerate the process of recovery from stress, improve the functioning of the intercellular substance. In addition to special cosmetics for the care of tired skin, beauticians recommend paying attention to the salon treatment - Microcurrent therapy, ultrasound, as well as superficial peels and mesotherapy. A grateful skin will "smile" and shine all year round.

All combat stress!

To improve the emotional background, use the following method:

- Meditate and auto-training;
- To increase physical activity in a fitness club, make a note in the pool, walk more;
- Drink hot chocolate or tea with mint;
- Fluffy blanket, cozy armchair and save favorite book from the spleen;
- Embark on a short vacation;
- To communicate with people who love you and appreciate;
- Remove the stress on the dance floor or at a concert favorite musician;
- Retail therapy quickly deliver you from experience;
- Treat yourself to a day in the SPA-salon with a mandatory course of massage.

BY SELECTING THE CREAM pay attention to its composition:

- Vitamins E and F prevent laxity, wrinkles and aging, protect against UV rays.
- Orange extract, green tea or red grapes, as well as sea buckthorn, thyme and raspberry are powerful antioxidants, they tone and strengthen the walls of small vessels.
- Essential oils, such as orange and grapefruit improve the complexion, fatigue and affect cell recovery.
- Rosehip extract, which contains a huge amount of vitamin C, has powerful anti-stress properties.
- Chinese lemongrass, chamomile, cornflower and lime good for anti-fatigue skin.
- Vitamin A in combination with vitamins C and E is involved in redox processes of tissue and slows down the aging process.

Afonina Anna

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