What is TCA peels

What is TCA peels
 TCA peel is a procedure of cleansing the face with trichloroacetic acid, which is diluted in the required proportion. This is a prime example of the medial peeling. Unlike other drugs of surface effects (fruit acid) TCA peeling affects living cells are located in the deeper layers of the skin. With the help of this drug may conduct and deep peels.

Indications for this procedure may be quite different problems. Use it to remove as facial and deep wrinkles, hyperpigmentation and get rid of stretch marks. This type of peel can be used as a preliminary procedure for subsequent correction of scar formation. Also it is used as a remedy for acne mild to moderate severity.

Procedure can be carried out only to people with healthy skin, on which there are no sites of inflammation and exacerbation of dermatoses, such as herpes and acne. Undesirable conduct TCA peels for delicate and sensitive skin and rosacea with. Also contraindications include pregnancy, lactation and propensity formation of keloids.

TCA peels should be performed only by a physician, because of the deep skin exposure is a risk of infection of the skin.

Mid kinds of peeling requires training for two weeks. Must be applied to the skin creams containing fruit acids to loosen the top layer of the epidermis. Perhaps even need to hold several superficial glycolic peel.

During the procedure, the physician applies a special composition to the skin which comprises trichloroacetic acid. This composition may contain other components which ameliorate the effects of acid. Depending on the type and thickness of the skin, the physician selects the desired concentration of the composition, the exposure time and the amount of skin treatments. When the procedure is formed on the skin white crust - "Frost", which indicates that the procedure was successful. After 7-10 days, it will disappear. After that, the skin gets a reddish color, which takes about 2 weeks. Thus, for this procedure should be made at least one month of free time for full recovery.

That the procedure was successful and without complications, it is imperative to comply with the doctor's recommendation for skin care after peeling house. He certainly advise special creams that will accelerate the restoration of the skin and provide protection against the ingress of infections.

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