Reducing facial

Reducing facial
 Restoring requires active skin after exposure to external factors - the sun, wind or cold. Modern salon treatment can solve the problem of dehydration, detoxification and gradual regeneration of tissues.
 Restore the skin after the summer heat will help moisturizing treatments - alginate and collagen mask. Special trains with alginate, plant extracts and biominerals improve blood circulation and rejuvenate the skin. Collagen masks are highly efficient and contribute to wrinkles, nourish dry skin.

Paraffin treatments to cope even with excessive tightness and dryness of the skin. Katiodermiya repairing damaged tissue and dehydrated by exposure of cells to low-frequency current. To enhance the regenerative properties of the procedure, it is performed with drugs that help to heal the micro cracks. If the skin is burned and covered with rough spots, it will help microdermabrasion - peeling procedure evens out the skin and tightens pores. Get rid of age spots and can help with cryotherapy - conducted a course of treatments using liquid nitrogen.

One variety of mesotherapy - biorevitalization. Injection under the skin hyaluronic acid causes an increase in skin tone, intense hydration due to activation of cellular metabolism. Several sessions enough to smooth out wrinkles and improve the complexion.

Cold treatment or Cryolift eliminates swelling of the face, tightens the skin, leaving a clear oval face. When combined with the procedure, Cryolift biozheni, the restoration of the skin is greatly accelerated. Biozheni session is detoksatsionnoe event - a special apparatus beautician affects the cells of the skin, pulling toxins. Deep cleansing and subsequent cold treatment nourishes the skin with moisture, eliminate bags and circles under the eyes, restore normal metabolism at the cellular level.

Skin resurfacing is performed in the treatment of pigmentary abnormalities and vascular changes. Oxygen therapy or point to the skin stream of pure oxygen at high speed allows you to change the characteristics of the cell membrane, which accelerates self-healing skin. Any cosmetic program after a course of oxygen therapy are more effective.

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