Masks out of clay for the face

Masks out of clay for the face
 Clay - a beautiful natural material, due to its structure has the properties to absorb the waste products of the body. Cleansing the skin, clay evens the complexion, successfully fights acne, prevents wrinkles. Therefore, the mask of clay facial useful for all skin types.

Clay face can act as a stand-alone component for masks or connect with other substances. It all depends on what tasks faced mask and a skin it is done.

The color of clay is caused by its chemical composition. Recommended for dry skin mask of red and pink clay. Green clay is suitable for skin prone to inflammation. White clay used for normal skin. Also face mask made of blue clay.

Homemade mask of clay is very easy to do. It's enough to buy at the pharmacy bag with matching color clay and dilute it in water. The composition must be homogeneous and have no lumps. For masks can be used not only plain boiled water, and mineralized. In this case, the mask effect will be stronger.

In some recipes masks for dry skin clay diluted in milk or cream is not too oily. For oily skin can be added to the clay a few drops of lemon juice and dry - vegetable oil and honey.

When the consistency of the mask will resemble thick cream, it is applied to the face, avoiding the eye area. Clay dries within 15-20 minutes and this time you must spend at rest. Taking the shape of the face, clay tones and tightens the skin. But avoid drying clay should not be, otherwise it will start to absorb moisture from the skin itself, dehydrating it. If the skin is prone to dryness, while the use of masks is reduced to 5-7 minutes.

After the mask is washed, applied to the face or a nutrient moisturizer cream, depending on the time of day. Too often make masks out of clay is not recommended. For dry skin, only one such procedure a week, and for fat - two.

Masks of the clay can be applied not only to the face. Décolleté and neck also needs a lightweight lifting and nutrients.

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