How to clean the skin of blackheads

How to clean the skin of blackheads
 The black dots on the face is a common problem for both women and men of all ages. To deal with them annually inventing new ways and means. But at the moment to get rid of them can only use clean, and its views are different. Choose their help experienced cosmetologist.
 The most common and reliable method of cosmetology is a whole arsenal of manual cleaning. Pre face steamed using steam or paraffin. Remember that the skin with rosacea can not be processed by steam. When the pores open, the specialist starts literally squeeze out the dirt that builds up in your pores. The procedure is very painful. And thereafter leave out is virtually impossible. The skin will be red, swollen places. Disguise them with makeup does not work, because after cleaning is not recommended to use it. Cleaning the sensitive skin can be carried out only a highly qualified specialist, then to left scars.

Some alternative to manual cleaning is the vacuum. Dirt is removed from the pores through the tube in which a vacuum is created. However, they Estheticians agree that this type of cleaning can be applied only when surface contamination. Vacuum can not clean the pores in hard to reach places, such as wings of the nose. In this case must still apply manual cleaning.

Real salvation for sensitive skin is ultrasonic cleaning. Its important advantages over other types of purification is no need to pre-steaming skin. Cleansed of makeup on the skin smeared with a special gel that improves the penetration of ultrasound. Cosmetologist leads special plate on the skin, which generates ultrasonic waves. They create vibrations of the skin, whereby the dirt itself exits the pores. On the surface of the skin doctor removes her sterile towels.

In addition to mechanical and chemical methods exist - a variety of peels. It may be superficial glycolic peel or core with trichloroacetic acid. Now fairly common superficial peeling fruit acids. This procedure is not traumatic, good refreshes the skin, removes but not all black dots. In addition, caution should be used on sensitive skin peels.

Unfortunately, to get rid of blackheads only through cleansing impossible. Pick the right skin care, as well as watch your diet. Only a comprehensive approach will help make the skin clean.

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