How to achieve perfect skin

How to achieve perfect skin
 Smooth smooth facial skin, without acne and inflammation, dryness and wrinkles, enlarged pores and irritation redness considered an ornament of women. Help your skin look well-groomed and healthy can be, if you follow the basic rules of care for her.
 Leather always reflect diet. If you are abusing fatty and sweet foods, like sodas and fast food, drink a lot of coffee and late supper, the appearance of acne, premature wrinkles and bags under the eyes you provided. Such food slows metabolism, causes stagnation of toxins and waste products of decay in the gut, which is reflected on the skin that looks unhealthy and gradually loses its elasticity. If you drink enough water, the cells do not get enough food, the skin becomes loose and dry. Replace harmful products kefir, yogurt and milk, fresh fruit and vegetables, and instead of coffee drink green tea in unlimited quantities - you will immediately see the changes in the skin.

Moisturize the skin - the second most important factor that affects her health. Apart from the fact that you increase your fluid intake to two liters a day, you should take care of the external moisture - ready masks, creams with a light texture, home packs and spraying the skin with thermal water will help fill the water balance.

Full and adequate sleep - an important condition for perfect skin. You should not just get enough sleep, you need to train yourself to go to bed at the same time, it is desirable to midnight - and then it will be easier to get up.

Regular stress reduce the protective function of the skin and body as well. Fully protect yourself from the stress does not work, so learn to relax and relieve stress. It is best to cope with this problem sports - regular, heavy loads especially outdoors improves complexion.

A comprehensive skin care program

Cleaning - it is not just washing in the morning and in the evening, it is the use of cleaning gels suitable for your skin type. During the day, should refresh your skin with antibacterial wipes and matting, and in the evening a deep cleanse pores.

Moisturizing, toning and nutrition - creams, lotions, masks, serums according to the needs of the skin and the woman's age.

Exfoliation - scrubs, peels, salon treatments help prolong youthfulness of the skin.

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