Face masks of beer

Face masks of beer
 No matter what age or was a woman, she always wants to look young and beautiful. All, without exception, want to have a soft and elastic skin without wrinkles. But a visit to a plastic surgeon not everyone can afford.

Fast and least efficient solution is the use of the familiar to a lot of beer, which has long been known to all for its healing properties. It perfectly combining with many products, allows us to produce amazing face masks that are perfect for women with any skin.

Dry and normal skin

Mix in a cup with 20 ml of beer, 1 tablespoon wheat flour, 1 tablespoon honey, apply the mixture on well cleansed face and neck (avoid the area around the eyes). Leave the mask on for 15-20 minutes is better. Wash it off with warm, then cold enough water. If you, for example, a conspiracy on the phone and forget about the mask, then do not worry: its components do not cause any allergies or inflammation of the skin.

Dry skin

 2 tablespoons beer
 1 tsp. Honey
 1 egg yolk
 1 h. Spoon glycerin (ask at the pharmacy)

The preparation and masking the same as in the previous recipe.

Any skin

 200 ml beer
 2 tablespoons rice

Boil rice in beer until cooked, cool and apply it on your face, about 20 minutes, then rinse with as usual. It will give an incredible freshness of your face.

Normal skin

 2 tablespoons beer
 1 tbsp oatmeal
 1 egg yolk

Bay flakes beer, leave them to swell. Then rub the yolk and mix it with cereal and beer. The use of the same.

Oily skin

 1/3 cup beer
 juice of 1 lemon
 1 tsp honey

Mix the ingredients, heat the mixture over low heat, stirring gently. Do not boil! After dissolving the honey mixture cool slightly, then apply on face for 20 minutes. Rinse with cool water.

Mixed skin

 1 cucumber
 1 protein
 0, 5 cups of beer

Mix the beer with the protein, slightly beating. Add grated cucumber. The resulting mixture was put on the face, which cover the top with gauze soaked in boiled water. Holding the mask 15 minutes, remove with a damp cotton swab.

Applying some of the proposed masks with beer about 2 times a week, you're bound to love them, because they will give you a gentle, pure and luminous face.

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