Benefits and harms of teeth whitening

Benefits and harms of teeth whitening
 Attractiveness and charm of both women and men of all ages in many ways defines the beauty and brightness of their smile. Over the past few years, people are increasingly began to turn to a dentist about whitening zubov.No not cause whether this seemingly innocuous injury whim?
 The first development of teeth whitening have been proposed in the 19th century. In the role played bleach oxalic acid, chlorine, ammonia and even cyanide. But a few decades later talking about bleaching properties of hydrogen peroxide.

Teeth pigmentation intensity depends on the number of binary compounds of carbon C = C. Upon cleavage of the formed hydrogen peroxide, atomic oxygen: H2O2 = H2O + O. In its interaction with the carbon which is part of the pigment formed by simple single bonds, and reduced pigmentation intensity. This is the case of teeth whitening.
Hydrogen peroxide is an unstable substance, and is currently used carbamide peroxide or carbamide peroxide. Using a laser, halogen light largely enhances the action of a chemical and accelerates the reaction.

With the development of science and medicine procedure chemical bleaching is becoming more accessible and popular among the population. The result does not have to wait long. Even after the first treatment you will see significant differences in color. Brighten teeth 6-8 shades! And the result is last, with proper oral care, from one year to three years. After bleaching you will feel more confident and successful. Disappear tightness in conversation, you will want to share with all his dazzling smile!

What are the negative aspects of whitening? Even with the gentle chemical bleaching violation occurs in the structure of the enamel, which not only gives the tooth alive shine, but also protects it from harmful agents. After whitening procedure increases its permeability, and therefore increases tooth sensitivity to cold, hot. Pain may also occur when the conversation due to the movement of air in the mouth.
One of the contraindications for bleaching is a multiple of tooth decay. If you do not consider this aspect, the procedure can greatly enhance its prevalence.

Getting whitening procedure, consult with your doctor about contraindications. You may be asked to recovery due to snow-white smile orthopedic treatment with veneers, crowns or other designs.

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