Types of tea: white tea

Types of tea: white tea
 According to Chinese legend, the Emperor Chen Nana, who lived about 5,000 years ago, used to eat only boiled water. Once in his cup of wind brought a few leaves from a bush of white tea. The Emperor was delighted with delicate taste and aroma of the resulting beverage, its ability to tone the body and spirit. At present, methods of brewing white tea have changed, but the taste and useful properties continue to delight lovers of tea.

For the production of white tea leaves are used top grade special tea bushes. This type of tea grows only at the height of 1000 - 2200 meters in Fujian Province in China, in recent decades it became cultivated in Sri Lanka and conducted attempts to start production of white tea in Africa. For the most expensive varieties are used only 1-2 upper leaf of each branch. Collect these leaves on certain days of the end of March - early April, strictly in the morning, when there is a favorable weather.

Collected leaves are steamed for a short period of time. This stops the process of fermentation or oxidation easier. Then the leaves are dried in the sun. If weather conditions prevent the dried tea in vivo, it is placed in the drying room. But such tea valued less than that obtained in conventional manner. Because tea leaves undergo minimal heat treatment, they are more than other varieties are rich in vitamins and minerals.

White tea leaves are covered with the finest fibers that absorb all odors. Prepared beverage can reveal aromas of blooming gardens, which were located adjacent to the tea plantations. That is why white tea should be stored in a tightly sealed container, avoiding sunlight. White tea leaves should not be twisted or torn, they are sold only as whole.

Brew white tea should be hot but not the boiled water. The optimum water temperature is 60-75 degrees. Higher temperatures destroys the unique essential oils contained in the sheets of paper tea. Tea brewed in a glass, ceramic or porcelain teapot, but not in the metal. You can also brew a drink in a glass or gaiwan. White tea can be brewed several times, each time he will reveal new shades of flavor and taste.

White tea has a wonderful subtle flavor, which describe or compare with anything impossible. At the same time, this scent with nothing to confuse. It is this unique scent of white tea has become so popular in recent years, and tea extract used by the best perfumers of the world in the creation of aromatic delights.

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