Tired of boring sandwiches?

Tired of boring sandwiches?
 If you are bored with monotonous everyday sandwiches with cheese, sausage or pate - it's time to come up with something new. For example, refer to the culinary heritage of gastronomic trends. For example, in Italy gladly prepare bruschetta, England - toast, Germany - bagels in America - sandwiches. We all have different bases: somewhere more prized crispy toasted bread, somewhere - soft "air" rolls, always one thing - they are like those who eat them.

To prepare the classic Italian bruschetta, must be cut in half any narrow bread (Italians prefer wheat or corn flour with added), brush cut extra virgin olive oil, a clove of garlic to rub good, and put the filling inside. Here - lots of options. One of the most common and popular Bruschetta - with tomatoes and marjoram.

Of course, it should take only the ground tomatoes ripened on the vine. If in your arsenal only "northern" greenhouse, you can go on a little trick. Cut them across, a little salt and let drain excess juice. Open the can of tomatoes, canned in its own juice (requires products of Italian and French manufacturers, whose high quality) and a pair of chop tomatoes in a blender.

Then, the resulting mass apply on bread, sprinkle with chopped fresh marjoram, place slices of tomato on top, from which emerged the juice, and bake in the oven. Another kind of bruschetta, popular in the Apennines, is done in a similar manner, but with eggplant. If desired, add to them before baking slice of cheese (but Italians do not do).

To cook delicious toasted English, you must take the wheat "brick", cut into pieces about 1 cm thick. The preparation technology of these sandwiches is that the dry bread is dried in the pan, or (more often) in the toaster and then it is placed filling. Classic toast never oiled, but a product that is put on top, often roasted on it.

One of the recipes of modern English cuisine - toast with cod liver and egg gruel. For this filling, beat 1 egg with a tablespoon of chopped green onion, pour in unit dose refractory mold and bake for approximately 2-3 minutes. in a hot oven. When a little cool down - chop. Cod liver oil free from, blot with a paper towel, chop, spread on bread, place the egg on top of it gruel with green onions and cover with the other half of bread. Your "not boring" sandwich ready!

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