The first few dishes from the Estonian cuisine

The first few dishes from the Estonian cuisine
 Estonian cuisine is famous for its dishes from dairy products. At least used and potatoes. In tandem with flour or cereals it is found in dozens of recipes. Particularly interesting combination of the above ingredients in Estonian soups. Separate keywords deserves rare for soups neighborhood of milk and dairy products (sour cream, cottage cheese, cheese, etc.). What is typical - the milk is added to soups last.

One of the most beloved Estonian hostesses soups remains "Klimpisuppi" - milk soup with boiled it dumplings made from wheat flour. His love for what he is made of ingredients that are always at hand. Moreover, it is quite hearty dish (can not be denied that the Estonian cuisine - peasant inherently). Another important aspect for which soup is fond of Estonians - low cost of products used for it.

The recipe is simple. Sifted flour on a board, add salt, break into the mix a few fresh eggs, pour a few tablespoons of warm milk and knead dough fairly. Boil milk, add some salt and throw it in small pieces, literally pinching off a few grams. When the dumplings float - they are taken out with a slotted spoon, spread out on a deep plate, season with a piece of unsalted butter and pour milk.

Next soup, which pointed to the hostess of this Baltic country - pea boiled technology puree soup with onions, carrots and bacon. Remarkably, no spices in the dish was added. In Estonia do not like to interrupt the taste of raw ingredients, considering it self-sufficient.

With cold water, dry peas and cook for about an hour. Bacon (it is important to take one in which approximately equal amounts of fat and meat), cut into small cubes with sides of about 1 cm. Carrots and onions rubbed on a coarse grater or cut into cubes, too. Put on the fire pan, fry bacon in its own fat, add the vegetables. Preparedness shift in the boiling peas, if necessary, salt, sprinkle with fresh parsley, cook about half an hour and is ground through a sieve (a modern version - crushed in a blender).

Third soup - ear of dried fish. It is usually prepared from fish stuff, which in these parts for centuries dried on large trays in the open air (or plates). Sometimes it is used to pre-salted soup, and then slightly dried roach.

Fish soaked overnight. If very salty - change the water several times. An hour before dinner boiled together with a few tubers of potatoes, carrots, onions and turnips. All vegetables in broth lay entirely. And served. Everyone in the plate kneads them according to your taste, because some like smaller, and others - bigger. For 10 min. until ready to pour milk into his ear. When submitting - soup sprinkled with fresh herbs.

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