Roses: the care and breeding

Roses: the care and breeding
 Tale of the Snow Queen does not leave anyone indifferent: some sympathy for the little Gerda, others admire understanding grandmother, and others desperately frustrated with the mountains along with Kai and others remain subdued cold beauty of the Snow Queen. There is another kind of readers - those who have sunk into the soul of roses grown Gerda. They can transform your garden and into the realm of roses.

Rose to please you, you should think in advance all the details, starting from the landing site. There are four things that appeal capricious beauties: this is a moderate heat, sufficient moisture, plenty of light and air access. Based on this, select an open area with good lighting. Make sure that it is protected from the accumulation of water, particularly in autumn and winter.

Begin to prepare the ground. For planting shrubs need to dig a hole to a depth of one meter (800 cm). Their size should be such that there freely fit the roots of seedlings. The bottom layer of drainage must fill of sand and gravel. The remainder of the composition is necessary to fill the pit of fertile soil and sand in the ratio 1: 1, and decomposed manure (1, 5 times) and peat (1/2 of the number of land part). Just before boarding fertilize the soil complex means.

It is not necessary to plant roses before when the temperature reaches a positive mark of 10 degrees. Wait a few days to install comfortable weather and you are ready to process. Note that if the plants are kept for a long time, could have been formed weak shoots, which must be removed: they are not only viable, but also hinder the emergence of new, active and strong shoots. Place the plants in a bucket of water for a couple of hours (if they open the root system, then 5). Strengthening seedlings in a hole, begin to fill the space of land, it carefully tamping. The soil on the surface must be carefully pressed. After graduating abundantly pour your seedling (the best is the volume in one bucket at a bush). Loosen the ground and then pour to the general level.

Do not forget that you must okuchit shoots planted and protected from the sun by covering the non-woven fabric. In this state, the plant must be until shoots not grow to 5 cm. Following this, and can raskutat razokuchit it.

Roses need constant care: weed land, relieve it of weeds, watch regular watering (best in the early morning or at dusk). Water the soil only, not falling on leaves. In the summer do not forget to trim and crop the bushes.

Rose and began to grow, they need constant feeding. First (using nitrogen fertilizer) carried out immediately after the removal of the non-woven material. Complex fertilizer with trace elements required after the start of shoot growth. The third feeding by infusion Manure - performed at the time of the formation of buds. Then, when your roses ottsvetut, they will need to be re-feeding infusion of manure. Fifth feeding - phosphorus-potassium fertilizers. It coincides with the beginning of August. The September fertilizing should take place with the use of potash fertilizers. In the same period, to prepare for the winter must carry topping tops in growing shoots, and all nevyzrevshie shoots cut. As soon as the temperature drops below zero, it will be necessary to reliably protect Rose from the cold, wrapped them nonwoven material.

After snowmelt spare their beauties from rotted shoots, remove the leaves, razokuchte them and then leave under cover until a new set comfortable temperature.

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